Ecomlister listing tool

Announcing the Release of Our New Listing Tool : Ecomlister

After a successful beta program, we are pleased to announce the release of our new listing tool, ecomlister. The feature makes listing products on Amazon and eBay faster and easier. Whether you are listing one or hundreds of thousands of products, ecomlister allows you to quickly set up your inventory, launch new product lines, control quantities, restock and re-list items as needed.                                      Ecomlister listing tool

  • Set customizable product descriptions and shipping attributes for each product
  • Easily upload up to 12 images per product listing
  • Quickly manage current listings to make changes to title, description, price and more
  • Create new listings on Amazon using the product ASIN and make yourself a seller of an existing product
  • Create listings in bulk on eBay with reusable templates

Update: August 25, 2014 3:00PM – Read about our newest updates to ecomlister in this post. Ecomlister now includes more robust features, including auction support and advanced descriptor options.

Once products are listed, ecomdash keeps track of all incoming and outgoing inventory, throughout the supply chain. As soon as a product is sold or received, ecomdash automatically tells the marketplace what’s available. You can also eliminate costly stock-outs by setting low inventory thresholds.

We’re excited about the launch of ecomlister as an add-on to the ecomdash suite of software tools for ecommerce retailers. We know it will be a useful tool for our current and future customers looking for an all-in-one ecommerce software solution.

Meredith BollAnnouncing the Release of Our New Listing Tool : Ecomlister

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