Our friends at Ecommerce Bytes recently ran a 2014 survey of the best marketplaces out there, according to the people who use them – the sellers. Over 12,000 sellers participated by voting through social media, making the annual Sellers Choice Awards a huge (and eye opening) success. Marketplaces were rated based on Profitability, Customer Service, Communication, Ease Of Use, Recommended, and Best Overall.


At the end of the poll, here’s how they ranked:


CITE: EcommerceBytes

CITE: EcommerceBytes

  1. Bonanza
  2. Etsy
  3. eBay
  4. Amazon
  5. Ruby Lane (an online retail marketplace for antiques, collectibles, art and jewelry)
  6. Zibbet (Australian based marketplace most similar to Etsy)
  7. Craiglist
  8. eCrater (free online marketplace based out of Irvine, Ca.)
  9. eBid (an online auction website founded in December 1998. eBid operates in twenty-three countries)
  10. Addoway (online marketplace that operates by recommending the most trustworthy sellers)

Bonanza ranked highest in Communication, Recommended, and Best Overall. Even though Etsy beat out Bonanza in Ease Of Use, Bonanza came in second place, making it the marketplace with the most high rankings across the board. Congrats to the excellent team at Bonanza – they are consistently ranked as a top marketplace for sellers.


Here’s how some of the other categories panned out:


Most Profitable:

  • eBay (6.46)
  • Etsy (6.15)
  • Craigslist (5.94)


Customer Service:

Which marketplaces provided the best service to the sellers.

  • Amazon (6.84)
  • Bonanza (6.76)
  • Ruby Lane (6.23)



Best communication between the marketplace and the seller.

  • Bonanza (7.08)
  • Ruby Lane (6.27)
  • Amazon (6.19)


Ease Of Use:

Simplest for sellers to navigate and use.

  • Etsy (7.51)
  • Bonanza (7.43)
  • eBay (6.93)



Marketplaces that sellers would most likely recommend to a friend or colleague.

  • Bonanza (7.51)
  • Etsy (6.52)
  • Craigslist (6.26)


Do any of these surprise you? Is your favorite missing from the list? Read the full list and breakdown of rankings at Ecommerce Bytes. Make sure to participate next year by following along on the Ecombytes site, and have your opinion heard. If you have any questions about which of these marketplaces ecomdash integrates with, feel free to browse our integrations page.


For our list of the best marketplaces to sell on, check out this post.

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