2016 web design ideas

To run a successful online business, sellers must create a thoughtfully designed website for their customers to browse. It may sound pretty simple, but an attractive, easily navigable site isn’t necessarily easy to achieve. If you’ve been following our blog this month, you’ve seen some of our favorite ecommerce New Year’s resolutions (one of which is improving your customer service skills). There are lots of areas we can all improve upon, but making sure your website is simple for buyers to use should be one of the first. Here are 5 actionable ecommerce website tips for a more successful 2016.


Provide high quality imagery for users

What’s something you won’t see when you first click on a great website? An egregious amount of poorly-lit, blurry photos and animated gifs. Shoppers need to see a fair amount of pictures of your products to feel comfortable buying, but these images need to be professional looking. Be sure to post your product photos in a high quality resolution from different angles, so that the customer knows what to expect. Professional photography doesn’t have to equate spending money on a photographer – you can take these images yourself. Here are some tips on how to complete your own product photography at home.


Invest in a search bar

Customers may come to your website looking for a specific item, and nothing is more annoying than having to sift through pages upon pages to find one thing. So when it comes to your website, make sure you take all of the frustration and confusion away from your customers by adding a search bar at the top of your page. For those of you who are tech savvy, here are 3 ways you can add a search bar to your site.


Offer more content

Content marketing is a growing trend in the ecommerce industry. For those who don’t know what content marketing is, it is the practice of creating relevant and valuable content (blogs, DIY projects, videos, photos, etc.) to attract a bigger audience and engage with them. Creating relationships with customers is just as important as just selling products and services to them. When you create a relationship with a customer, they’re more likely to come back and spend money with your company. Studies have shown that it is 7 times more expensive to gain a new customer than maintain a customer relationship. Start a blog, get active on social media and invite followers to comment, respond and interact with you.


Change the color of your website

92.6% of people say that visual dimension is the number one factor that influences their purchase decisions. With aesthetics being so high on the list, it’s in your best interest to abstain from overwhelming customers with a busy website. Choosing neutral colors with splashes of color that reflect your brand will make your site visually pleasing, and easier to read and navigate. Find more information regarding color theory and how it’s used in branding here.


Put sales, bundle deals and discounts on display

Advertising deals on your website it a great way to earn more sales, and offers up the opportunity to cross sell and upsell, resulting in high dollar sales.  In order to make customers aware of sales and kits (and thereby incentivize purchase), it is important to display the deals where they can see them – usually on the home page and in a separate menu tab for sale/clearance offers. See what the pros at Sephora and Ulta do to advertise kits. They consistently kill it every year.


With these tips, you can give your website a major facelift for the New Year. Improving your website also improves foot traffic and likelihood of winning sales.


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