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As the holidays quickly approach, now is the time to plan ahead and capitalize on the biggest shopping days of the year. By now, we hope you have some holiday specific social media strategies in place, and possibly an ecommerce automation software to help you handle the high order volume. If you want to really hit it out of the park and earn as many sales as possible, consider making these three quick changes to your site. These three options are fairly simple to implement and can increase conversions today.

1. Promote your best converting products.

This suggestion comes from our friends at 3dcart, and we love it. Determine your highest converting products with historical sales reports from your ecommerce software, or on sites like Google Analytics. Promote them on social media or through paid ads. Go a step further and create a page on your site where you can display your top selling items. Highlighting your best converting products on one page will give buyers an easy place to find the goods that data has shown they are most likely to buy.

2. Use testimonials.

Testimonials create buyer trust and reduce the risk of purchasing. Since shoppers can’t see, hold or touch items themselves, this will give them honest feedback from a peer and encourage them to follow through with purchase. Reviews and testimonials have been shown to increase sales by 18%. Add product reviews and testimonials to your product pages for fast results.

3. Add guest check-out options.

Studies show that 75% of buyers will leave a site if forced to register to complete checkout. By adding a guest check-out option, you can encourage that 75% to stick around and follow through with purchase. It’s a simple fix that can generate huge results.

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Better eRetail eBook

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