tips to clean up your ecommerce marketing strategy

No matter what stage your business is in, there is always room for improvement in every aspect of your business. One particular area of your business that can easily grow stale is your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Not all of us that open up an online shops are seasoned marketers. We’re entrepreneurs, and we know how to take a seedling of a business idea and turn it into a thriving company – but are we creative writers, designers and marketers? Not always.

And yet, we need to constantly evolve our marketing strategy to stay relevant and competitive. Here are 3 ways to clean up your ecommerce marketing without breaking the bank or over exerting your creative muscle.


1. Develop a consistent brand voice.

Your brand voice should be more than just having the same logo on all your social media accounts.

Your voice needs to sound like it’s the same person talking across all your channels, even if you run Facebook and a different employee handles Twitter.

Having an inconsistent voice is not just a problem for new businesses. Established businesses can sometimes get so caught up managing growth that their original brand voice or persona gets diluted.

To start, have all of your employees write down what three words they think describe your brand. Not your products – your persona.

You should all come up with the same three words, or have very similar words that are essentially interchangeable. If not, think about getting back to basics with your brand voice/persona so that it’s consistent.

A consistent voice equals buyer trust. Buyer trust equals better sales and repeat customers. And just FYI, it costs about 6-7 times more to acquire new customers than to keep loyal customers shopping from you. Get your brand voice right, and you’ll improve long-term sales.


2. Dump stale social marketing and ads.

There is something to be said for not trying to recreate the wheel. If something is working for you and you can quantify the benefit its adding to your business, don’t toss it out the window. However, your customers and audience may be sick of seeing the same types of ads and content.

If you haven’t yet, play to your audience’s emotions. By this I mean give emotional marketing a try.

Studies have found that brands that can evoke an emotional connection with their audience are effectively able to charge 20-200% more than competitors.

There are a variety of emotions to capitalize on for your benefit. Content that evokes feelings of happiness is most likely to go viral. Ads that make us sad can (surprisingly) cause us to release oxytocin and feel compassion for whatever we’re looking at. Ads that drive fear can actually scare consumers into being loyal customers.

Try something different in your social media marketing and advertising. We’ve previously discussed how to master happiness, fear and sadness in your ads, and the science that backs it up.


3. Do some friendly co-marketing.

Team up for the summer with another company that is similar to or congruent with your brand.

Host a giveaway together, support each other on social media, or have them introduce your company within their email marketing content and vice versa.

It will give you access to a new audience you might not have tapped into otherwise that will likely be interested in your products, and won’t cost you anything.


Not sure how to pick a company to work with?

A good co-marketing partner will offer products and services within the same space as you, but have an offering that will not compete with yours. They should also be reputable and hold themselves to a similar standard that you do (you want to avoid joining up with anyone that could tarnish your reputation).

One way I’ve seen co-marketing done effectively is through some of the swimwear brands I follow. Over the summer, they frequently team up with sunglasses retailers, skincare providers, and beach towel retailers to host giveaways and contests.

The rules generally require that all contest entrants follow each company participating on social media (granting you a new follower) and ask that they tag 2 or 3 friends who may also be interested (widening your audience further).

Co-marketing efforts like these have introduced me to new brands that I now support, but wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Check out craft fairs, farmer’s markets, trade shows and pop-up shops to try and find co-marketing partners in your area.


Revamp your ecommerce marketing strategy to get more sales, new customers, and a bigger legion of repeat buyers. So get that money in your pockets and get ahead of your competition.


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