essential ecommerce emails to increase sales

Ecommerce email marketing is one of the most important ways to engage with your customers. It’s an extremely valuable channel for your business to utilize. Over 72% of consumers prefer email over any other method of communication from businesses.

There are a few essential ecommerce emails every business should send to increase clicks, conversions, and engagement. Try these 5 today:


1. Welcome Email

A welcome email is the first chance to introduce your company to a potential customer, so leaving a good first impression is important. In fact, a well-done welcome email can see six times the revenue when compared to regular promotional emails.

This email is a great way to thank your customer for joining your email list and remind them why you are emailing them (like signing up for the newsletter or making a purchase). Include any pertinent information and let them know what to expect in the future. These emails need to be memorable, engaging, and accurately convey your brand.

Factory Direct Craft’s welcome email is simple and clean. The copy is concise and reminds the customer why they signed up for their newsletter:

ecommerce welcome email example

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2. Promotional Email

Promotions work wonders for ecommerce businesses. Discounts influence where 71% of U.S. consumers shop. Capitalize on this influence and send emails to your audience with details about current promotions, discounts, or other special offers.

These emails can increase clicks and sales, but do not send them too frequently. Sending too many promotional emails will have the reverse effect, resulting in unsubscribes and customers taking their business elsewhere.

Ensure the offer is clear and straight to the point. Consider graphics or photos to draw your reader’s eye in. Include call to actions like “Discount ends tonight” or “Limited time Offer” to encourage your customer to act quickly.

Free People does a great job of showcasing the offer and creating a sense of urgency in the email below:

ecommerce promotional email example

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3. Cart Abandonment Email

Nearly 68% of consumers put items in their cart and leave the website without actually purchasing the products. Try to convert these potential customers by sending an automatic email when someone leaves something in their cart without purchasing. You want to remind the customer of what they left behind and encourage them to complete the purchase.

Create an eye-catching subject line to ensure the email is opened. Customize the emails with personal touches such as a name and photos of the items left behind. Consider offering an added incentive such as free shipping to improve conversions.

Kate Spade keeps their email easy-going with a friendly push to complete the purchase. They also include similar items to entice the reader to come back and browse:

ecommerce cart abandonment email example

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4. Survey Email

Take your business to the next level with customer feedback. Customers know the market better than you and can offer a fresh perspective on your business.

Send out an email with a short survey. Let your customers’ opinions guide business decisions such as customer service improvements, website updates, and product sourcing. Valuing their feedback will improve your customers’ overall experience and loyalty to your brand.

When sending these emails, clearly state the purpose for the survey. Keep the survey and email short because 60% of people will not complete a survey that takes longer than 10 minutes. To increase survey completions, entice customers to participate with a discount or free shipping on their next order.

Tailor Brands, a branding company that offers various services and products, clearly states the survey takes 3 minutes and the reader receives 50% off their next purchase:

ecommerce customer survey email example


Emails can be a powerful tool for any ecommerce business. By spending a little extra time planning and improving your email marketing strategy, along with including the ecommerce emails, your business can expect more sales this year.

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