As we round the final base in our three-part Creative Engagement series, we decided it would be useful to end with one of the youngest (and maybe most unfamiliar) social media platforms. Vine, a video streaming site with a six second limit, is nearly a year-and-a-half old, and quickly becoming one of the most trafficked social platforms. But how do you capture an audience and build your brand in only six seconds? Good question. We’ll break down the best tips and examples of how to be captivating, engaging, and widen your influence – with only six seconds to go.

  • Add a Behind The Scenes Look – Never underestimate the potency of human connection when it comes to marketing your brand. Customers want to feel a valid connection between you and them – not just your product. They will often foster a sense of familiarity and community with your products if they have the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes, and who is really creating the goods, packing items, or running the ship.
  • Fashion retailer Marc Jacobs often uses Vine to showcase upcoming prints, product trends, and what the staff is wearing. It helps customers form an intimacy between them, the brand, and the products they’re buying.
  • Snappy How-To’s – Do you sell a product that requires putting together or special installation? Make a video! As one of the most popular hashtags currently trending on Vine, #HowTo will be helpful, as well as effective in garnering attention. Surprisingly (or not so surprisingly, depending on how handy you are), Lowe’s how-to videos on Vine are a perfect example of this. They take it a step beyond simple instructions and incorporate quirky elements to make it fresh, fun and memorable. Take this Vine, on how to keep squirrels away from your plants, for example. It’s clever and creative in a way you might not expect a home improvement social account to be, which goes to show that no matter what you do or sell, you can be fresh and innovative on sharing sites.
  • Highlight Product Details – Something we’re seeing more and more frequently are vines posted by luxury car brands and fashion labels that feature the finer details of their products. Lexus, Gap, Kate Spade and others have begun using stop-motion videos to display their products in a creative way and better engage with customers through online retailing ideas. Marc Jacobs uses this technique to create a conveyer belt method of display. This grants customers access to a 360, in-depth visual that is far more detailed (and personified) than a flat image on a web page.


  • Inject Personality – As a more playful platform than Google+ or LinkedIn, companies have used Vine to showcase personality in a big way. Oreo recreated the elevator scene from the movie The Shining, and took one of the most horrifying scenes in cinematic history and made it…pretty funny. By injecting themselves in one of the most widely recognized scenes, they’ve branded themselves as clever and memorable. It’s just plain entertaining. And how badly do you want Oreos and milk now?


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Creative Engagement series, and maybe we’ve sparked some new ways to engage with customers through online retailing ideas to help build your brand and increase sales using Instagram and Pinterest.

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