5 Best Resources for Amazon Sellers

Top 5 Resources for Amazon sellers

If you sell online, chances are at least one of your sales channels is Amazon. The massive shopping platform is the number one marketplace in the world, and consistently in the top 10 online sites worldwide. Given the more than 237 million active customer accounts worldwide, Amazon is a competitive site to sell on, albeit one of the most profitable. In order to stake their claim ahead of competitors, sellers search the internet for the best tips, tricks and resources. In effort to save you time on an Amazon expert scavenger hunt, we’ve put together the 5 best resources for Amazon sellers.

Skip McGrath’s Blog

Skip McGrath is a seasoned seller on Amazon and FBA. He’s well versed in dropshipping, FBA, finding good wholesalers, driving traffic to your website and more. Check out his free articles page for a collection of guides and tips that will help you advance your ecommerce business.

FBA Tool Kit

This free tool has three features, one of which calculates sales rank for any Amazon product category. Enter the sales rank of whichever item you are looking to learn more about, and the app will generate the number of sales per day of all other products within that category rank. Just be aware that this tool is in beta, so use at your own discretion. Be sure to check out other tools to help you auto-route FBA orders.

fba tool kit graph

FBA tool kit sales rank


This site offers a free Amazon price tracker, price drop alert, and historical price charts of items sold on Amazon. Use CamelCamelCamel to see what your competitors have priced items at in the past, and keep up with what they are pricing items at today.

Amazon “Dirty” Hacks

This article includes some of the best “dirty” hacks (as in, best ways to use the system to your advantage). Tips include how to win the Buy Box, create custom URL queries, maximize vendor powered coupons and more. Each hack includes step-by-step tips and pictures explaining the process.


Amazon Sales Rank Cheat Sheet

Created by Jordan Malik of HonestOnlineSelling, an Amazon resource website, this cheat sheet helps you determine what sales rank of items you should focus on, per category.

Remember that if you sell on more than one sales channel, it’s a smart move to look for software that can streamline Amazon orders and help you stay on top of operations across channels. Want to test out award-winning multichannel software and see how easy ecommerce can be? Sign up for a free 15 day trial of ecomdash.

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Tiana Byers5 Best Resources for Amazon Sellers

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  1. Buddy M

    I use https://www.sellertools.co — it gives me a good set of basic tools for my new Amazon Seller business. They’ve got a free trial, no payment information required, have simple billing and no contracts. It’s helped me get my head around my business.

  2. Andy

    Thanks for the post @Tiana! A lot of great info. The start-up Bro’s are pretty hillarious. We have a couple of great Amazon seller resources. For listing optimization and check out https://amzblitz.com and if you need to find any Amazon tool in the world, see our amazon seller tools directory. Just google Amzst.com :) Cheers!

  3. Kevin Pitter

    My favorite scanning tool when doing in-store sourcing is Scoutify. The app that comes with an Inventory Lab subscription. Because there are a lot of great integrations built right in. On the other side, clippingpathindia.com for getting professional product photos.

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