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Ask any ecommerce retailer which performance metric concerns them the most, and you’re likely to hear shopping cart abandonment rate somewhere in their top five. It’s estimated that about seven out of ten online shopping carts are abandoned by shoppers.

However, even armed with that information, many ecommerce business owners tend to focus on optimizing the front end of their websites with attractive webpage designs, site experiences, and product merchandising. While that’s an effective way to get customers browse and find products they want, it’s usually not the solution to cart abandonment. More often than not, it’s the site’s checkout page that could use some improvement.

online shopping cart statisticLet’s take a look at some of the most effective ways to optimize the checkout experience for your online customers to improve your sales conversions.


#1 – Obtain Shoppers’ Email Addresses Early in the Process

No ecommerce business converts 100% of their users. However, you can increase your percentage when you grab an email address from potential buyers early in the checkout process. Then, you have a way to reach out to those abandoned cart users with reminder and promotional emails.

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#2 – Make Your Checkout Page Simple and Distraction-Free

The key to checkout pages is to keep them as simple as possible, making every step clearly visible to the shopper. You should strive to only include things that are necessary and helpful to the buyer and eliminate anything that clutters the page.

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#3 – Make Mobile Checkout Easy

More buyers are using their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices to make online purchases. Don’t neglect your mobile checkout process when you working toward reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions. The mobile checkout experience should be just as fast, if not faster, and easy as a regular website checkout experience.

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#4 – Make Sure Your Website Loads Quickly

There is an expectation now for website speed. Users are likely to simply click off and visit another page if your site doesn’t meet those expectations. Research shows that internet users expect sites to load within two seconds. When it takes longer, they will often abandon those pages. Additionally, when users have difficulty reaching a site, they are more likely to never return to the site at all.

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#5 – Display Trust Signals

When customers make it to the checkout page of an online store, they often think about the security of the website – especially when it’s time to add their payment information. Entering credit card information online is a sensitive issue for many purchasers. You need to display trust signals and seals on the checkout page to let your shoppers know that they can feel comfortable providing sensitive information on your site.

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Final Thoughts about Checkout Page Improvements

The checkout page of your online store is one of the most important parts of your website. It’s there that sales conversions are made. If customers are abandoning their shopping carts, you’re missing out on sales. Don’t let your website cost you money. Streamline your checkout page to make it more convenient, user-friendly, and trustworthy for your customers. Try making the above improvements to your checkout page to optimize your site, reduce cart abandonment, and boost your sales.

Did you try and of these ideas? How did it affect your abandonment percentage? Let us know in the comments.

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