5 things to include in your ecommerce shipping box

When we think of marketing, we may first jump to tactics like SEO, email campaigns, or grassroots advertising. All of those are great methods to bring customers to your site. But how do you get them to come back, even after they’ve purchased an item? Don’t underestimate the opportunity to draw customers into becoming repeat and lifetime shoppers when you ship their package.

We’ve detailed the top five things to include in your ecommerce shipping box that will help create loyal customers who will buy from you again and again. Before you do anything though- make sure you’re following policy for each of your marketplaces. Creative marketplaces like Etsy allow for additional items in the shipping box whereas Amazon does not. Just be aware each marketplace’s policies beforehand.



Encourage return customers by offering them the chance to buy a product at a reduced cost or ship for free. Make sure it is broad enough that customers have an option of how they’d like to spend it. If it’s too narrow, such as 15% off one select item, you will limit yourself to a niche of consumers. You can track which coupons are effective by keeping record of how often each coupon code was entered, and adjust your discounts or offers.



What do you enjoy even more than buying something for 25% off? Getting something for 100% off. If you sell small or inexpensive (for you) items, throw a couple in with a bigger order. If you were a beauty retailer, it would be savvy to ship a larger purchase, like an expensive flat iron, with a hair clip or a headband. Customers will feel rewarded for shopping with you, and it will condition them to continue their consumer relationship. Likewise, you can include items that aren’t products you sell. If the item is shipped near Christmas, include a few candy canes. If possible, partnering with another retailer could be mutually beneficial. Ship your product with a small gift from another seller (who would do the same for you with your products) as a cross-promotional marketing effort.



Adding a catalog or a product flyer can inform the customer about other products you sell, and alert them to new items coming up in your inventory. Catalogs are a subtle suggestion to your customer that you enjoyed their business and would like to continue that relationship.


Customer Service Packing Slip

If you sell on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or Etsy, you know how vital your seller rating is to your success. Just be sure you carefully review each channel’s specific guidelines for soliciting feedback before you do anything! On Amazon and eBay, where guidelines for what can go in the box are especially strict, edit the packing slip details before you ship. Include a line like “If you any reason you wouldn’t rate our service or this product as 5 star, please contact us immediately so we can make it right.” If there was an issue, the customer will know they have options for fixing it, and that you care. If there’s not a problem, customer’s will be reminded of review, and might leave a kind note since you put effort into confirming their satisfaction.


Thank You (bonus points if handwritten)

In today’s automated and electronic society, a handwritten note goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be anything Shakespearean- just a simple note thanking your customer for their business will communicate your appreciation. If you ship enough orders daily that taking time to hand-write a note is out of the question, then a typed thank you will suffice. If you hand-sign your name at the bottom, it will still go a long way towards displaying gratitude.

Make the shipping process personal by including one or more of the items above. Your customer will appreciate it- and you’ll enjoy their repeat business. And since we partner with various USPS carriers, you know you’re packages will arrive safely and on time.

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Holiday Shipping Survival Guide

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