5 Fast Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

A superb email marketing strategy can encourage new sales and steward repeat customers. It’s a great way to extend your brand into the lives of customers and keep them up to date on what you’re doing. For many companies, it has one of the highest rates of success for creating leads and purchases. Benefits aside, not everyone has the time to flesh out a complex email marketing strategy. If you’re short on time but in need of help, make these 5 fast changes to your current email process.


1. Make it easy to subscribe

If you want a great email marketing process, start with the basics. Signing up for your distribution list should be simple and intuitive. You should have a signup form on your website, blog, social media channels and any other place your audience spends time. In the signup form, be sure to collect names (for email personalization) and birthdays (for special offers or gifts). Don’t ask for anything more though. If you ask too much, you’ll discourage signups, and you want to capture as many new emails as possible. More subscribers equal a greater opportunity for sales. And in case you were wondering, pop-ups do work.


2. Send a welcome email

Send all new subscribers a welcome email shortly after signing up. Thank them for joining, and remind them of why they’re there and what to expect from these emails. Some online retailers offer a discount upon signing up to encourage new purchases and entice subscribers to stick around. The average for these discounts tends to fall around 10-15%, and excludes sale items.


3. Call out CTAs

Every email you send should have a goal. Do you want subscribers to purchase new inventory? Check out your sale? Buy something as a gift during the holidays? Make the call to action for each email clear and easy to find. Links should be underlined, bold or a different font color from the remaining text, and should have a clear action item. If you want subscribers to browse new products, don’t say, “we have new stuff.” Your CTA should be actionable and enticing, like “be the first too see new items – check them out now.”


4. Make it easy to read

Your emails are not the place to share a full blog post. Break up long blocks of text, don’t just send long, winding paragraphs. If you’re talking about products (you should be) include quality images. Don’t have a professional photographer? No problem. You can take great product photos on a budget. Overall, try to keep your emails under 50 words.


5. Avoid spam red flags

There are a couple of big “no-no’s” that will tip spam filters off and block your email. If you accumulate too many of these spam rejections, your email account can get banned. Don’t let that happen. Follow these rules for every single email you send.

  • Don’t have the word “free” in the subject line. This is a red flag for spam blockers.
  • Do be clear that this is an ad. You don’t have to say “hey, this is an ad,” but you do have to upfront about the fact that you are a business, not an individual, and you are selling something.
  • Do include the physical location of your store or office in the footer of your email.
  • Do write a subject line that is very clear about the context of the email.
  • Do give people an easy way to opt-out. Make the unsubscribe button clear in your footer.
  • Don’t email anyone that hasn’t subscribed to your list themselves. Don’t buy email lists, ever.

See the CAN-SPAM Act for reference on the laws prohibiting spam.

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