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As an ecommerce retailer, you know the busiest time of the year is just around the corner. Summer is over, back-to-school sales and promotions have run their course, and it’s time to start planning some sales-producing holiday promos.

You don’t want to miss seasonal promotional opportunities, especially to competitors who are on the ball. The holiday season formally kicks off with Black Friday and Cyber Monday (collectively called Cyber Week).

To help with your holiday marketing strategy this year, we’ve compiled a list of promotions that will increase your sales.


#1 – Provide Deals on Shipping Costs

Online shoppers are always looking for good deals, but even more so during the holiday season. If one store doesn’t have the deal they’re looking for, they will buy from another that does.

One of the most searched for deals is free shipping. If free shipping isn’t feasible, offer free shipping thresholds to set a minimum order amount and to encourage increase spending. WordStream found that 79% of US consumers are more likely to purchase online when they see “Free Shipping,” and this number is only going to increase in the coming years. See our other tips on how to make free shipping a reality.


#2 – Create an Exclusive Deal

Holiday shoppers want a good deal, and they want it to be special. One of the best ways to give customers what they want is to offer some type of exclusive product, a bundle of products, or exclusive promotion that is only offered for a limited time during the holiday season.

Be sure to price it at a “you’re crazy to not buy this” price.


#3 – Offer a Bonus with Gift Card Purchases

This is a great promotion for any ecommerce store, but it’s an even better promo for those that sell niche products. For example, if you sell specific types of equipment (think hobbies such as photography, metal detecting, gardening, scuba diving, etc.) may be difficult for people to buy gifts for others since it can be expensive.

Offer gift cards so the recipient can buy the items they need or want.

Offer gift buyers a holiday bonus promotion to entice them to buy gift cards. Try something like, “buy a $50 gift card now, redeem it for $75 between December 26th and January 15th.”


#4 – Send Email Campaigns for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales

You have likely been working on increasing your customer count all year, and now it’s time to use it. Before the beginning of the holiday season (just before BFCM), send an email campaign to your existing customers announcing any Cyber Week deals.

To take it a step further, you can offer email recipients a chance to buy a few of your specials before everyone else.


#5 – Run a Holiday Contest

Online shoppers love contests, so why not give them one during the holidays? One great idea for a holiday contest is to make the prize the shopper’s holiday wish list.

Everyone loves creating holiday wish lists – it makes it easier for them to visualize ideal purchases and share with their family and friends. A “win your wish list promotion” lets you highlight your best products and gives viewers a chance to win products they really want.


#6 – Host a Multi-day Giveaway Promotion

A multi-day giveaway promotion allows you to give away a different prize each day for a specific time period (12 or 24 days are great for the month of December). This promotion requires your site visitors return to your store over and over again to enter your daily drawings. It is a great way to keep your brand top of mind when they are doing their online holiday shopping.


#7 – Target Last-minute Gift Shoppers with Discount Codes

There are always last-minute shoppers during the holidays. Finish out the holiday season strong by sending an email to those procrastinators with a special offer for an e-gift card or discounted products with free two-day shipping.


Final Thoughts

There is so much opportunity in the last two months of the year for ecommerce retailers. Take advantage of the uptick in traffic and sales to make your holidays even more profitable.

Use the promotional ideas above, or come up with your own, to capture those holiday sales for yourself.

Find more social media ideas to boost your holiday sales on our blog.

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