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Given that the holiday season is upon us, you’ve likely already made sure that your website, inventory and shipping plans are in order. While all of these aspects of preparing your business for success are extremely important, it is imperative that you prepare your social media outlets as well. Why is social media so important? Studies have shown that 46% of web users look to social media when trying to make a purchase decision. Since we’ve already discussed how to market to your audience through Instagram and Twitter, it’s time to focus on Facebook. With an average order value of $55 and 60% of buyers claiming that the social media giant was influential in their purchase decision, Facebook is capable of boosting awareness and profits for your business. Use these 5 ecommerce Facebook tips to capitalize on potential sales and get your brand page ready for the holidays.

Find your audience.

Before you start decorating your page with snowflakes, tinsel and little snowmen, you need to first understand who you are selling to. Understanding the characteristics of your current customer base can help set the tone of how you will advertise to them.  You can use the audience insights link to find follower demographics, location and purchasing behavior. This information will help you make an informed decision when it comes time to content creation.

Make your page festive.

Now that you know your audience, you can add graphics and banners to your page in a way that fits the demographic appropriately. Changing your profile picture and cover photo to a holiday themed photo, and engage your audience with holiday-themed posts. Ask your audience to share their favorite holiday purchases from your company, or vote for their favorite holiday traditions, recipes, etc. that may relate back to your product offerings. If you sell kitchen appliances, ask followers to share their favorite recipe – and be sure to include an image of gadgets they can use to bake or cook. This can really give you a unique insight into your customer base’s likes, dislikes and desires. Why try to connect with customers on a personal level? Studies have shown that when a business has an emotional connection with their customer base that they have the ability to charge up to 200% more than their competitors. The holidays are the perfect time to get connected with your audience.

 Boost promotions and discounts.

42% of people like a Facebook profile to receive promotions or discounts. With such a large number of people anticipating special holiday deals or promotions, it’s important that you deliver. If you have a special sale going on during the holidays, boost this information on your Facebook page to get more people to utilize it.  Here’s how to boost your posts on Facebook.

Have contests.

About 35% of people like a business’ Facebook page so that they can be a part of contests. Another 63.4% of people are likely to share your business’ post with their peers if it includes a contest or giveaway. Stir up a buzz by presenting a holiday-inspired giveaway that will increase traffic to your site, and likely drive conversions.

 Post consistently.

Making the time to post consistently through the holiday season is key to keeping your audience invested, and inviting new customers to join in. Engaging them with fun photo posts and asking frequent questions, as well as responding to any questions or concerns, will make customers feel like you care about them during this hectic holiday season.

Use these tips to spruce up your page, and encourage current and future customers to purchase from you. Implement these tips consistently, and you could experience the benefits year round. Need more actionable ecommerce tips? Sign up below to receive ecommerce advice, straight to your inbox.

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