Ecomdash Advanced Onboarding Package

Some of our customers prefer to set up their account on their own, while others would like to have help. For those that need assistance, that’s what our team is here for – to support you every step of the way.

Cover All the Bases

This package is designed to give new ecomdash customers a more thorough account setup. It’s perfect for retailers who sell products on 3 or more sales channels. This offering includes everything from the basic setup package with an additional call, listing training, and the ability to connect to more sales channels (this package doesn’t include assistance with dropshipping setup).

advanced onboarding package

What do I get in this package?

We’ll break down each step of the setup process during your two phone consultations. Our advanced package includes the following offerings.

Channel Integrations

Two 1-Hour Phone Calls

Our specialists will schedule each call and personalize the training and discussions for your business’s needs. Each call will have the option to screenshare.

Product Listings Import

Screen Sharing

Learning a new software can be intimidating. Our team will walk you through it while sharing their computer screen.

Supplier Setup

Sales Channel Integrations

Our product specialists will help you connect 3 or more of your sales channels.

Shipping Carriers

Product Imports & Listing

We’ll help you bring in your products, show you how to properly configure them, and teach you how to list them to your sales channels.


Warehouse Setup

If you have one or more warehouses, our team will show you how to add those to your ecomdash account.

Listing Submission

Enable Auto-Sync Technology

Now for the good stuff, we’ll show you how to automate your product quantity updates so you get more time back in your day.

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For descriptions of each professional service listed above, please visit this page. These packages are non-refundable and must be claimed within 30 days of purchase.
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