Are there any good alternatives to SellerActive?

SellerActive vs. Ecomdash

SellerActive is an inventory and order management solution with a focus on inventory and repricing. Like ecomdash, SellerActive users can view their inventory levels, organize and process orders, and automate fulfillment needs from a central screen.

So, how do we compare to SellerActive?

SellerActive offers product listing, but only for Amazon and eBay. Our in-suite product listing tool, is free for all price tiers and lists to nearly all our integrated sales channels. This allows users to setup their ecomdash account quickly and easily expand to new channels.

For the SellerActive entry level tier, there aren’t many limitations. Like ecomdash, they offer unlimited users, channels and free support, but for a heftier price. The biggest difference between ecomdash and SellerActive is the way your order volume is handled. Ecomdash charges based on order volume – this means that the actual number of orders processed in a given month determines your price. SellerActive charges based on your revenue per month. Their lowest tier, priced at $299, allows $25,000 in revenue a month. If you process over that in a given month, you will be moved to a higher tier.

Alternatives to SellerActive

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