Are there any good alternatives to TradeGecko?

TradeGecko vs. Ecomdash

TradeGecko is a cloud-based inventory and order management software system. Although it can manage online retail like ecomdash, its core functionalities better support wholesale sellers. TradeGecko’s offices are split between Singapore and Manila.

So, how do we compare to TradeGecko?

Ecomdash undercuts TradeGecko’s lowest pricing tier by almost half. TradeGecko starts at $99 a month. It offers a $79 per month package, but it requires a twelve-month commitment. With either of these options, you won’t receive phone support or livechat.

For TradeGecko’s lowest pricing tier, you’ll only be able to manage one channel. Additional channels cost an extra $50 a month. Ecomdash allows you an unlimited number of ecommerce integrations at every pricing tier. TradeGecko offers unlimited channels at their highest pricing tier, $799 per month. Many of our sellers tout the ability to expand to additional channels with ecomdash as a major profit grower, making us a great alternative to TradeGecko. Read MeatSnacker’s story of how they tripled their ecommerce revenue while using ecomdash.

TradeGecko doesn’t include an online retail shipping management solution. Without a shipping module, TradeGecko would require users to go outside their system for their shipping needs. Ecomdash consolidates shipping into our dashboard, saving online sellers more time and reducing expensive errors. When putting these comparable packages side-by-side, Ecomdash appears to offer more features and functions at a lower price, making ours the more attractive choice for ecommerce sellers.

Alternative to TradeGecko

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