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Amazon has an average of 213 million shoppers per month  and is responsible for close to 40% of online sales worldwide. It is, without a doubt, a giant in the ecommerce universe. And, with their Amazon Affiliate program, anyone with a website or social media presence can sign up to share a piece of the giant marketplace’s profits.


What is Amazon’s Affiliate Program?

The Amazon Affiliate program, also called Amazon Associates, is an affiliate marketing program that gives users the ability to monetize their social media accounts, websites, and blogs. Participants, or associates, as Amazon likes to call them, in the program simply use tracking links to direct shoppers to various Amazon products. When site visitors click on those links and make a purchase on Amazon, the associate gets a commission.


How to Join the Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate program works simply and it’s easy to get started. Before you can sign up, you must have one or more of the following established:

  • Blog – Your blog is the perfect place to promote Amazon products in your posts. Once you’re an associate, you can add links that encourage your viewers to click through to Amazon and buy something.
  • Website – Your website is ideal for the Amazon Affiliate program. Once you’re an associate, Amazon has tools that will help you add product images, links, and carousels to your site.
  • App – if you’ve created an app for your store or blog, Amazon Affiliate is a great way to monetize it. You’re able to display Amazon products and links for your users.
  • Social media presence – If you have a healthy social media presence, you can sign up with the Amazon Affiliate program and then share links and images on your social media pages, much like social media influencers do.


After you’re approved to be an Amazon Associate, you can start promoting different Amazon products to your audience. There are various ways you can do that, including:

  • Product Links – The easiest way to promote Amazon products on your site is by using the Amazon SiteStripe tool. It allows you to search for the products that you want to highlight. Then you just copy the links and add them to your site content.
  • Native Shopping Ads – Display handpicked, relevant ads within your content. Don’t have time to pick the products yourself? Amazon will do it for you based on your content and visitors’ searches.
  • Banners – Add banners to your site that promote specific categories, Amazon gift cards, and current promotions. You can quickly add banners to pages and posts of your choosing by entering the code into your website editor.
  • Facebook and Twitter – Share product links with images and additional information directly from Amazon.

Remember to add links, ads, and banners thoughtfully. You don’t want too many, or you’ll put off customers with a cluttered webpage.

Now you’re ready to earn commissions. Amazon pays 6-10% in commission, depending on the items. It also pays for referrals, such as $15 for business account sign-ups, $5 for Audible referrals, and $3 for Prime referrals.


How to Sign Up to Be an Amazon Associate

It’s easy to register for the Amazon Affiliate program. To start, head to the Amazon Associates page and click on the Join Now for Free button. The signup form will ask for your name, address, and phone number. Then, you’ll enter the website and mobile app URLs where you plan to use affiliate links. You’re allowed to enter up to 50 URLs.

In the next section of the signup form, you have to select a store ID (an identifier for Amazon) and enter some basic information about where you plan to promote the Amazon products.  From there, you choose the types of products you want to promote. You’ll also choose the topics that best describe your sites and apps.

Then there are some questions about how you currently earn income from your websites.Lastly, enter your phone number, click the Call Me Now button, and then answer your phone when Amazon calls. You’ll be instructed to input a four-digit PIN, and then the account is ready to go. There is an option to enter tax and payment information immediately, or choose to do it later. Head over to your associate dashboard and start adding links to your content.


Final Thoughts about the Amazon Affiliate Program

The Amazon Affiliate program is a simple way to begin earning money, especially if you already have an established website, app, or social media presence. If you’re thinking about starting a website for the purpose of earning money from this program, know that it will take a while to be profitable.You must have an understanding of your audience’s needs and behaviors, provide information and resources to meet those needs, and then help your viewers find the solution.


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