amazon best selling categoriesMaking a profit from your online business means selling the right items to the right people. That makes understanding what items sell best on the marketplace of your choosing more important than ever. Amazon, one of the most popular ecommerce marketplaces, has many products and categories for shoppers to choose from. As a seller, those categories can help you come up with ideas about popular ecommerce niches and what products are selling successfully.

Here are some of the top-selling categories on Amazon to consider:


Amazon Best Selling Categories

There’s a multitude of categories to choose from when viewing products on Amazon. However, some product categories are considerably more popular than others. Best-selling categories on Amazon see more traffic and more traffic often means more sales.


Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great option for those who are purchasing gifts for friends or loved ones. They allow the recipient to get exactly what they want instead of having the giver choose the item, relieving some of that pressure to choose the right gift. Some of the most popular choices for gift cards include:

  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Restaurant Gift Cards
  • Clothing/Pet Store Gift Cards (Ex. Old Navy, PetCo)



With the rise of the technological age, electronics have taken off in popularity and become more affordable for the general public. While other retailers are known for selling electronics and related products, Amazon makes it easier to shop for electronics without visiting a brick-and-mortar store. In addition, their fast shipping often incentivizes consumers to make purchases. Popular electronics sold on Amazon include:

  • Tablets
  • Portable Speakers
  • Smart Home Speakers
  • Virtual Assistant AI


Camera and Photo Products

While Amazon has many digital camera options available, security cameras, in particular, have become very popular on the site. These cameras help consumers feel safe in their homes, let them know who rings the doorbell, and allow them to keep an eye on things when they’re away. Some of the most popular camera and photo products on Amazon include:

  • Security Cameras
  • Doorbell Cameras
  • Baby Monitors


Video Games

Video games have increased in popularity throughout the years and show no sign of stopping. With a large variety of gaming consoles available, Amazon has many products to choose from. Some of the most popular video game products sold on Amazon include:

  • Consoles (PlayStation 5, Xbox, PC)
  • Games
  • Other Gaming Products (headsets, controllers, etc.)



Sitting down with a good book is a fun way to escape from the outside world. With the release of Amazon’s Kindle and services like Kindle Unlimited, books have long been considered one of Amazon’s best-selling categories. While e-readers and digital copies of books seem to be taking over, paperback and hardcover books are available on the site as well.

  • Children’s books
  • Fiction and Nonfiction Books


Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry

Last but not least, clothing, shoes, and jewelry compose one of the best-selling categories on Amazon. The convenience of shopping from home is unbeatable when searching for apparel. Shopping online also gives customers a wider selection of products to choose from, including more options for different sizes and colors of the same or similar items.

  • Loungewear
  • Children’s Clothes
  • Swimwear


Is Competing in Best Selling Categories Worth It?

Now that you know what the best-selling product categories are on Amazon, it’s important to consider whether it’s worth selling.

On one hand, selling in a more popular category may give your products more opportunity to be seen. And if your products are doing well in best-selling categories, your store will, of course, enjoy higher profit margins and more product turnover.

However, there are some reasons to be cautious when considering these products. First, there is a chance you’ll be competing with the site itself. Amazon sells a wide variety of products, including those in best-selling categories. The site will list these items above all others, even if yours have higher ratings. You’ll also have to deal with competition between similar sellers. Advertising for products in best-selling categories is also more expensive.


Does Category Really Matter?

Although there are several benefits and drawbacks, the real question is, does it matter whether or not you sell in these categories? The answer, unfortunately, isn’t so simple.

Ultimately, it’s your choice to sell products in a popular category or to break into a category that has less competition. Some merchants find success in selling products in less popular categories, and some fall short selling items in the most popular ones. As a result, it’s important to consider the types of products you’ll sell carefully and with the proper research.

Researching products isn’t as challenging as you might think. You can start by looking at the best seller rankings on Amazon to see what types of products are selling. Google Trends is another tool that you can use to see what products buyers are searching for online. Amazon has its own trend report that details what’s been selling successfully over the last year. It may include categories, specific products, or other important trends. You can find additional online tools, like AMZScout, that have product databases with information that will help you pick the right products to sell.


Next Steps for Selling on Amazon

Choosing what product categories are right for your business is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to selling on Amazon. Once you’ve decided which product types to sell, you’ll need to source your products and list them appropriately. Increasing sales is also important to your business’s success on the site. While many factors can influence how well your business sells on Amazon, choosing the right products to fit your business is the first step towards success.


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