Amazon FBA Tool for Multi-Channel Sellers

FBA Tool for Multi-Channel Sellers

Are you using FBA to fulfill non-Amazon orders? Try our multichannel order routing tool to easily
send these orders to be fullfilled by Amazon.

Auto-Send Sales Orders Directly to FBA.

You select which products are fulfilled by Amazon’s FBA services – from any sales channel. Orders may be sold on other channels like eBay, Rakuten, Sears, Etsy, Newegg or one of your own ecommerce websites. Consolidate sales orders for hands-off communication with the FBA warehouse. Save time and money with improved control over your ecommerce workflow with this tool.

Or, Manually Select Orders to be Fulfilled by Amazon.

You can also select which multichannel sales orders are fulfilled by Amazon’s FBA services after the product is sold – anytime. This allows more flexibility for you to select how and where the order is processed as your business needs change.

Multichannel Order Routing Software to FBA

An Amazon FBA tool that automates multichannel order routing.

Streamline multichannel orders with our amazon fba order routing software, and send orders from non-Amazon sales channels.

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Liz PekarekAmazon FBA Tool for Multi-Channel Sellers