If you sell on Amazon, you know that negative feedback blows. It can pose a huge hit to your metrics, which can then turn away buyers and send them running to you competitors. Though Amazon considers their 12 month turnaround of feedback to be a gift, many sellers cannot afford to have a negative review linger for that long. The best cure for a negative review is, first and foremost, to prevent it. If preventative measures are taken, you can avoid the situation entirely. Follow these steps to be sure you’re on the right track, and look for our detailed post about how to manage negative feedback next week:

However, there are still times when no matter how well you performed, the customer is unhappy. If you know that you are abiding by Amazon’s guidelines and are following policy, take these steps to remove negative feedback:

Step 1 to receive better Amazon feedback

how to remove negative amazon feedback

We suggest preparing email templates ahead of time, to ensure professional communication that is void of emotion. For more information on Amazon’s policies, reread our previous post in The Seller’s Playbook, and consult your Amazon Seller Central help pages.

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