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Amazon Goes Back To School

Amazon recently struck a deal with three universities nationwide to co-operate websites that allow students to shop via Amazon with guaranteed next-day pickup and delivery. The program, named Amazon Campus, currently operates these Amazon and school merged sites with University Massachusetts Amherst, University California Davis, and Purdue University. The goal of Amazon Campus is to save students time and money by providing textbooks at competitive prices, with Prime delivery. President of Purdue Mitch Daniels believes Amazon Campus could save students up to $150-$200 annually. Though the students appreciate the convenience, not all are yet convinced of its money saving potential. Read more.


Profiting Like It’s 1999

RadioShack, the retailer where you once shopped for hard-to-find electronics and tech accessories, has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy after years of balancing close to the edge of collapse. RadioShack will likely sell leases of many of its stores to Sprint Corp and Standard General, its largest shareholder. If it does in fact sell an estimated 2,400 leases to Sprint Corp and Standard General, 4,000 plus US stores will remain, and Amazon is rumored to grab them while they can. Purchasing the strategically placed retail locations will benefit Amazon two-fold – the brick-and-mortars could speed the process of returns, distribution and possibly enable same-day delivery. Moreover, a retail location can help Amazon get their own branded products in front of a big audience, in an environment they control. A similar move was made by Steve Jobs when Apple transitioned having their products sold in big box retailers, to owning their own storefront where they can control branding and sales pitch. Read more.


Books First, Television Next

Jeff Bezos sat with Transparent creator Jill Soloway and Golden Globe winning actor Jeffery Tambor for a segment on CBS News to discuss the success of Transparent, and where Amazon will go next. Bezos was questioned for the amount of profit Amazon makes annually, which according to some business entrepreneurs, is not scaling at the rate a 20+ year company is expected to have. Bezos answered the question with tact, and focused his time on the segment sharing his appreciation for Transparent writers and cast, and his desire to tell great stories. Watch below.

Have you had a chance to catch Transparent yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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