2014 amazon news

Mega-marketplace Amazon continuous to grow and implement updates to its own site. Here is what Amazon has been up to this past month.


-Make an Offer –

Amazon now allows buyers to “make an offer,” similar to what its competitor eBay does. Buyers can suggest a lower price than what is listed, and negotiate privately with sellers. Amazon is initially rolling out this new option with 150,000 products, but has plans to expand this greatly to include hundreds of thousands of items. Items eligible for “make an offer” range in categories from Sports, Entertainment, Collectibles and Art. Amazon urges that unlike eBay, this is not an auction format – meaning other buyers will not be able to see the negotiated price and make a counter-bid. Amazon sellers can determine whether or not they’d like to allow this option with their storefront and products. Read more at Tech Crunch.


-Packing Items With a Robot Army-

Amazon recently announced its deployment of 15,000 robots in each of its 10 eight-generation fulfillment centers across the country. These fulfillment centers will utilize robots provided by Kiva, a wholly own Amazon subsidiary, and Robo-stow. The implementation of robotic technology in fulfillment warehouses will significantly reduce cycle times. Systems have so far reportedly cut cycle time from 1 hour to 15 minutes, and allowed Amazon to eliminate aisles completely, earning them 50% more storage space. The robotic system does reduce the likelihood of human injuries. Despite fears that the swiftness and accuracy of robots may eliminate some jobs, an Amazon spokeswoman shared with ecomdash that this will not happen. She said that this holiday season alone, Amazon hired 80,000 seasonal employees to assist with order fulfillment – a 14 percent increase over the previous year. Read more at Ecommerce Times.


-Move Over Netflix, Amazon Wants In-

In an effort to dominate the video streaming market, Amazon is planning on releasing a free, ad-supported video streaming service separate from what they are currently doing with Prime. To compete with Netflix, Amazon has begun writing and producing its own original content in the hopes of attracting some of Netflix’s loyal customers. One Amazon show, Transparent, set around the life of a dysfunctional family has already garnered some media attention. If Amazon is able to take over this space they will be the first video streaming provider that is also an open marketplace. Amazon’s ad-supported content could include products and services from their own site – meaning the possibility of consumers being able to make purchases during commercial breaks is likely. Read more here.


-Updates Within Ecomdash-

With the release of ecomdash’s latest software upgrades, customers can now complete the following actions for their Amazon store

  • Quickly reprint their shipping labels from the Bulk Shipping Screen.
  • Track Amazon orders within ecomdash using Sales or Purchase Order filters.
  • Further customize their packing slips with additional customizable options.
  • Generate their Amazon packing slips directly from the ‘Paid – Ready to Ship’ screen.
  • Gain better insights into which products listed on Amazon are successful with updates to the Reporting module.

Was your store impacted by any of Amazon’s recent headline-making moves? Let us know in the comments.


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