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To say that Amazon is killing it nowadays is a gross understatement.  With thousands (if not millions) of people getting into online selling, it’s safe to say that with the right knowledge and tools, this kind of business is bound to be profitable.

One of the most common problems first-time business owners encounter when selling on Amazon, is not accurately estimating the amount of work involved. People seem to think that just because it’s online, that it’s going to be a lot easier. Truth be told, it requires the same or more work than a traditional business.

This is where freelancers come in to play. You need a special breed of freelancer. One with skills specific to selling on Amazon. Having workers with these focused skill sets will help lighten the load. These specialists can help you streamline the processes involved by automating everything in the process.  Below are some of the Amazon specialists to help automate your operations and grow your Amazon business.


1. Product Sourcer

You need to always be on the lookout for potential top-selling products. You can’t be complacent and just rely on what is earning money right now.  Always be looking for that “next big thing.”

As a business owner, you may not have time to do this. Find someone who is an expert at the task so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

This Amazon specialist needs to have a nose for products that have the potential to sell. They also need the skills to coordinate and communicate with suppliers when the time comes.

Sourcing products is no easy task.  It requires patience and “street smarts”.  The person you hire should have the ability to think outside of the box.  Product sourcing requires a lot of time which is why you’re better off outsourcing it to someone else.

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2. Product Lister

Product listing is both an art and a skill.  Creating a product listing that sells is not as simple as filling out the necessary fields and adding a corresponding image. An expert product lister possesses a multitude of skills needed to create a product listing that converts.

This Amazon specialist needs to know how to craft product titles, write engaging and keyword-rich descriptions, and source high-quality, relevant images, just to name a few.  The difficult part is making it difficult for consumers to resist your products.

Let’s face it.  It’s not easy to find all these qualities in one person. The good news is they do exist, you just have to find them.


3. Order Fulfillment/Tracking

To build a good reputation with customers, you need to always over-deliver.  People don’t like when their orders are late or damaged. You can prevent problems like these from happening by getting the services of a reputable order fulfilment and tracking specialist.

Eliminate dealing with customer complaints due to damaged products delivered or delayed deliveries.  From making sure product are delivered on time to tracking complaints and organizing resupply, having an excellent order fulfilment specialist will definitely take your business to the next level.


4. Customer Service

Speaking of avoiding customer complaints, if the situation escalates, you need the composure and savviness of experienced customer service specialists. Apart from being “shock absorbers,” customer service specialists also help by becoming your voice when dealing with various customer issues or inquiries.

These specialists can also process refunds and reconcile with Amazon. Suffice to say, customer service specialists help ease both you and customers by providing outstanding support both before, during, and after sales. Having a good customer service specialist is such a blessing because consistently dealing with unhappy people in a polite manner is a gift few people possess.


5. Amazon Metrics

When running a business, it is crucial to track progress.  You need to know if you’re headed in the right direction or if the business strategies are actually working. If not, then you may be wasting money.

Amazon is a unique business where performance is measured in different ways.  Though profit is a good indicator, there’s more to it than just monetary gains.  This is where an exceptional Amazon metrics analyst comes in handy. This type of specialist can tell which aspects of your business needs improvements. They can offer advice on metrics such as order defect rate, late shipment rate, or something as simple as negative feedback or a bad review.

Your business action plans and strategies will mostly rely on these metrics.  It’s important to be given accurate information in a timely manner. A metrics analyst can report these metrics with actionable advice to help you maintain a good standing as an Amazon seller.


6. Amazon PPC

When you have an online business, it’s difficult to thrive without expanding your reach.  It’s a numbers game at the end of the day.  The more people know about your brand, the more website visits you get, and the more chances of landing a sale.

Organic traffic can take a long time to build.  No matter how often you share information about products on social media and other platforms, it still won’t be enough to attract the number of people that paid advertising can. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can build brand awareness much faster.

Getting a freelancer with Amazon PPC expertise can help accelerate your business’s growth.  All it takes is to get people’s attention with one great ad.

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7. Inventory Manager

Every Amazon business requires the services of a capable and detail-oriented inventory manager.  Having an efficient inventory manager is critical since it save you from a ton of headaches such as overselling or overstocking.

An inventory manager’s primary function is to be able to maintain the balance between having enough stock yet not being overstocked.  We all know that it’s both a skill and art, and not to mention its high demand for attention to detail.

These specialists can help manage multiple storefronts with a multichannel inventory control software, giving time to focus on building your ecommerce business.



As a business owner, you can’t do it all.  With the specificity and demand of each of the skills mentioned above, getting the needed help from expert freelancers is the way to go.

Success on Amazon will only be possible if each of the tasks mentioned above are being performed efficiently and consistently until it reaches a point where everything is almost automated.

This is where you come in as a business manager.  Your job is to make sure business operations are running smoothly. This is the reason why each of the above tasks should be given to experts. Focus your attention on growth so you can build a successful business.


About the Author: Connor Gillivan is the author of Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies, a serial entrepreneur, and the CMO and co-founder of When he’s not bringing together hundreds of freelancers and business owners, he’s mentoring entrepreneurs through his site, He currently lives in Denver, Colorado.


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