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Third party sellers looking for Amazon strategies have a tough time. The platform’s strict rules and restrictions that apply to most sellers are difficult to navigate. Competition is steep as well. It takes a lot of trial and error to get your formula right. But what about businesses that don’t have the time or money to fail repeatedly while waiting for success? It’s with that seller in mind that we created Master the Amazon Marketplace – 15 Amazon Tips for Increasing Domestic and International Sales. Our new Amazon strategies eBook is packed with actionable tips, helpful information, and expert advice. It’ll help you increase sales, improve seller ratings, and avoid common mistakes that’ll cost you time and money.

The best part? It’s free to download.


Amazon Strategies You Can Use

We partnered with our good friends at to create an ebook with tips you can apply today. We’ve got two sample tips for you below. The first details how to optimize your titles on Amazon to increase sales.


1. Optimize titles for better search results

The more focused your listings, the better your sales will be. Web optimization creates conversions, and your listings are no different. Optimized listings draw in a high volume of views and conversions. You need to target the right audience of shoppers with strong product titles.

What does a strong, effective title look like?

  1. Capitalize the first letter of each word.
  2. Write numerals (1) instead of wording numbers (one).
  3. Spell out measurement words like “pound” and “inch.”
  4. Stay between 80 and 200 characters.
  5. Note color and size in the title only if the item is available in a singular color or size.


How about not-so-good titles? What are some things a great seller should avoid?

  1. Don’t include price.
  2. Don’t mention quantity.
  3. Don’t add seller information.
  4. Don’t use promotional language like “sale.”
  5. Don’t give yourself superlatives, such as “best seller.”
  6. Don’t use all caps.
  7. Don’t use symbols.


2. Outsource tedious tasks to third-party tools to free up time

When you’re a seller on Amazon, you have to play many roles — perhaps too many, especially if you’re not using FBA. Unless you plan on spending a lot on labor to spread out the work required to run and maintain an ecommerce business, you risk seeing a negative impact on your bottom line and potentially burning out from doing too much yourself.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do everything on your own (or rely on less-efficient humans) when seller-geared automation software comes into play.

Companies like have developed competitive repricing software which gives sellers the power to automatically update the prices of their products in relation to their competitors’ prices (and price changes) in real-time to help them win the Buy Box more often, skyrocket sales, and propel profits.

Instead of having an employee searching for your competitors one by one on Amazon to see what their prices are and then manually adjust your prices on Amazon Seller Central, Informed’s repricer automates the process and moves your prices within a pre-set range throughout the day. This keeps your profit margins optimized in different competition scenarios and makes your chances of winning the Buy Box the highest they can be at all times.

You can also use automation software to manage your inventory. Ecomdash created a software system that manages inventory syncing, order-processing, and listings. This further releases you from the time-consuming and more tedious parts of running a business so you can focus on making great products.
The more you can take yourself out of the day-to-day processes of managing mundane tasks that could easily be outsourced to computers, technology, and intelligent algorithms, the more you can focus on connecting with existing and potential customers by adding a human touch and other differentiating elements to your Amazon business.


Interested in Hearing More Amazon Strategies?

When you download our new ebook, you’ll get advice on how to increase sales both domestically and internationally. It’s time to take your business global. Understanding American sellers if you’re an American is easier than understanding buyers in international markets. These tips are focused on selling both across and within borders to maximize your profits. You’ll learn:

  • How to “source hack” to track trends
  • Ways to create awareness and foster trust among your buyers
  • Management method for negative feedback
  • Much more!



Master the Amazon Marketplace eBook Download

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