Come on, sellers. We know that somewhere there is the faint hope of making it big  (we mean really big)  in ecommerce and taking off to St. Barth’s in your presidential private jet while Donald Trump glares at you with envy from the tarmac. It’s fun to dream.

If you were to make it to billionaire tycoon status, what kind of mogul do you envision yourself as? The charitable cherub? The tech rockstar? Or maybe you’re the “anti-billionaire” billionaire, who wears old band t-shirts and drives a Prius. Take this BuzzFeed quiz to find out who you are (or who you will be) once the big bucks start rolling in. This quiz is meant to be silly (one of the questions asks your dream vacation destination, with “SPACE” in all capitals as one of the options), and – fair warning, the term bad @** appears a few times. If you can stomach that, then by all means, please proceed.

Take the quiz here> Which Billionaire Tycoon Are You?

2014-08-22_1156I am very pleased with my results, pictured below:

Wouldn’t that be nice. My favorite response, by far, is from Rupert Murdoch, who perhaps forgot for a moment that he was a billionaire tycoon and had to take the quiz to confirm. Thankfully, he got Rupert Murdoch as his result (could have resulted in an identity crisis otherwise).

Who did you get? Or, would you rather be your own unique breed of billionaire tycoon? Truthfully, we don’t think amassing a fortune of that magnitude is the only way to defines success. It’s different for everyone, and since we cater to small to mid-size businesses, we think success can be better defined by the independence, free time, and financial stability gained from selling online. Small steps equate to big success over time, and being able to add more sales channels, increase number of sales orders and gain brand awareness are definitely successes worth celebrating. Not that I would mind being Oprah, at least for a day.

What do you think defines success? Let us know in the comments. Tell us if you agree, disagree, or want to be Oprah too.

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