More and more shoppers are buying online and the mobile ecommerce trend is steadily rising, with smartphones accounting for 62% of mobile purchases in Quarter 1. Sites optimized for mobile need to be simple to navigate, streamlined, with clear and accurate information. But as shoppers become accustomed to mobile setup, they begin to expect that same sort of simplicity on desktop sites as well.

Optimizing your site for efficiency will keep customers happy, and help them find your site. Use this checklist to see if your site is running at maximum simplicity for customer satisfaction.

  • What’s your forte? Pick one or two things you’re really good at, and lead with that. Customers can get overwhelmed with endless choices. The fewer the options they have, the easier they can make a decision, and the faster you’ll receive sales orders.
  • Is your website design simple? Easy navigation and little distraction are the way to go. Just like with mobile, desktop sites are most effective when you remove the clutter. Get rid of excess links, long text, and any content that isn’t absolutely imperative to selling your product. If you’re looking for good examples of website design, we recommend peeking over at our friends at Shopify. They are mavericks at clean, user friendly design, and know how to inject just the right amount of personality and charisma.



 (simple, streamlined designs, provided by Shopify.)

  • Are you direct in marketing and SEO? Be as specific as possible when coming up with keywords for your page. Customers don’t want to spend a lot of time browsing. Often, they know what they’re looking for prior to their search, and want to get it, buy it, and get out. Help them find your page quickly, without getting lost in the weeds of searching.

If you do these three things, your site will help customers find you, get what they need, and put money in your pocket – quicker.

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