automated emails to boost salesEmail marketing is an increasingly popular tactic adopted by all types of businesses. As it develops, automatic messaging is becoming a core function. 82% of companies are leveraging the power of automated emails to provide a customized experience that can drive sales dramatically.


What is Email Marketing?

Traditionally, email serves as a critical channel to deliver transactional and informational messages to customers.

Some commonly seen emails are, for example:

  • Welcome new subscribers
  • Provide business updates
  • Order confirmation
  • Account security notice

Businesses quickly noticed that emails could be a valuable marketing channel and used them to deliver promotional messages straight to the customer’s mailbox. Today, thousands of companies look to email for a simple, but effective marketing tool.

To efficiently manage the process, many business owners use email software to automatically send emails for transactional, informational, and promotional purposes.

And there are many benefits to this!


Why You Need Automated Emails

Email automation can help convert new customers, raise brand awareness, build customer loyalty, and ultimately increase sales.

It achieves the above benefits by delivering the right message at the right time and leading customer down the ecommerce sales funnel. It always includes relevant information based on the customer’s recent activities such as browsing history and purchase records to make it personalized.

Well-customized automation can lead customers to purchase decisions without any extra manual input.

Here we have five automated email ideas for you.


Welcome Email

Among all types of email, welcome emails have the highest order rate of 3.2%.

After a visitor or customer becomes a subscriber, the welcome email is the first thing you send. In the email’s body, mention what content you’ll send periodically and any special offer in the warm welcome.

The message and layout should be consistent with your brand image. It’s always important to leave customers with an excellent first impression.


(Sources: FMAG)


The above example from FMAG is an excellent email that offers customers a warm welcome. It helps readers understand what they’ll receive, and invites them to check out FMAG’s social media pages. The picture used is eye-catching and consistent with its brand image.


Informative Email

An informative email shares the story behind your brand and products.

Generally, it includes meaningful information like your business’s core values and vision, past achievements, and introduction to your significant inventions.

You can send informative emails when launching a new product or recapping your brand’s milestones.

By providing customers with insights into your business and products, you can reinforce a positive brand image and make customers feel like an insider to your business. It can increase their sense of community and the likeliness of repeated purchases.


informative email

(Source: Havenly)


This interesting example from Havenly successfully aroused interest. It informs customers that something new is coming, makes them feel like an insider, and gets them excited about it.


Abandoned Cart Email

77% of shoppers have abandoned items in their shopping carts. And you certainly won’t want to miss any chance of converting leads to sales.

If your customer doesn’t proceed to the last step of the sales process, it’s time to take action.

The best approach is to send an abandoned cart email as a reminder. The message may include a special discount offer, such as free shipping or an extended warranty, to provide incentives to complete the purchase. By recovering a portion of lost sales, you can bring considerable growth to your revenue.


abandoned cart email

(Source: MailerLite)


The above template from MailerLite offers a discount for customers to complete their purchase within a limited time. It provides incentives and creates a sense of urgency that can effectively translate into sales.


Post-Purchase Thank You Email

After a customer purchase, you should express appreciation for their support. Such a simple action can leave a long-lasting positive impression.

The message should be genuine and make them feel valued. Showing gratitude strengthens connections and builds strong bondings with your customers.

Building a long-lasting customer relationship is a bullet-proof strategy for any successful business.


post-purchase thank you email

(Source: Abercrombie & Fitch)


This email from Abercrombie & Fitch delivers a clear thank you message. It makes customers feel valued and can strengthen connections.


Product Recommendation Email

91% of consumers have a higher likelihood to purchase from businesses that provide customized recommendations and offers.

This is why you should send personalized product recommendation emails based on customer’s interests, browsing history, and purchase records. It effectively leads shoppers to your website and can boost transactions.


product recommendation email

(Source: Sephora)


The recommended products from Sephora’s email are personalized based on the customer’s browsing history and purchase habits. This can help them introduce products that the customer is more likely to be interested in, and effectively drive sales.



Automated email marketing helps to build customer relationships and convert leads to sales. You can easily use templates in the email marketing tools to set up automation. Start today, and happy emailing!


About the Author – Gloria is an adventure and new business venture addict. She founded her first business when she was 14 years old and created a ten-people start-up at 19. She now runs Venturer to help people achieve location independence. You can connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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