become an ebay top sellerRetailers on eBay have the potential to take their store to the next level by becoming an eBay Top Seller. eBay Top Sellers must meet a set of requirements to have access to numerous benefits. We’ll explain  why you should become an eBay Top Seller and give you some advice for achieving that goal:


What is an eBay Top Seller?

eBay consistently reviews its sellers’ stores and evaluates their performance to assign seller levels. Seller levels include Below Standard, Above Standard, and Top Seller ratings. Assigning Top Sellers is a way for eBay to reward those who are bringing more traffic to their site and who have positive customer interactions. Top Sellers meet certain criteria set by eBay concerning their sales and the quality of their customer service. In return, eBay promotes the stores of Top Sellers above others, as well as providing several other benefits sellers can take advantage of.

According to eBay, evaluations are done around the 20th of each month, meaning retailers have multiple opportunities to get their store up to Top Seller standard within the year. This also incentivizes current Top Sellers to work hard to keep their spot at the top, keeping things competitive between retailers on the site.


Benefits of Becoming an eBay Top Seller

One of the biggest benefits of becoming an eBay Top Seller is the confidence boost and motivating designation added to your business. Having the title of Top Rated Seller on eBay is like a pat on the back from the company. It means your store is on the right track.

Additionally, eBay will display a badge on all of your listing pages so shoppers can see that you’re an eBay Top Seller as well. Products with a Top Seller tag are typically more trusted and sought after, so having the badge displayed on your listing page will likely help generate more traffic and boost sales.

Top Sellers also have improved search standing on the eBay website. Stores with Top Seller rankings will appear first on fixed price listings when sorted by Best Match. This means your listings will appear above your competitors’, giving your store the upper hand.


Top Seller Requirements

So, what does it take to become an eBay Top Seller? There are some requirements that your store must meet before being considered for Top Seller status. To start, your store has to be at least 90 days old. This gives you time to complete sales, receive reviews, and establish your store’s presence on the marketplace.

You’ll also need to be in complete compliance with eBay’s selling practices policy. The policy is available to view on eBay’s website, along with explanations of exactly what’s required from sellers, and tips to simplify the process. The guidelines available on the website cover subjects like item descriptions, photos, terms and conditions, shipping and handling, delivery times, returns, and communication.

Next, you’ll need to reach 100 transactions. If you’re a new eBay store owner, this takes time, so be patient. Reviews of transactions are where your positive feedback rating will come from.

If your store completes more than 400 transactions within 3 months, only those 3 months will be considered in your store’s eligibility. The positive feedback rating of stores with under 400 transactions in 3 months will be calculated based on transactions over 12 months.

Your store will need a 98% positive feedback rating. Every time your store receives feedback, positive or otherwise, it‘ll be considered in your feedback rating, which is displayed as a percentage for customers to see. Your store will only be eligible for Top Seller status once your positive feedback rating reaches 98% or above.

Ratings of 1 or 2 stars are only considered if more than one has occurred over the evaluation period, with that number increasing to three or more when stores complete over 400 sales.

Lastly, your store will need to comply with eBay’s requirements for late shipment rate, transaction defect rate, and cases closed without seller resolution.


Tips for Becoming a Top Seller

  1. Communicate Effectively – One of the best ways to increase your positive feedback rating is by keeping in close contact with your customers throughout their entire transaction. This provides them with more confidence in your store, helps you answer any questions they may have, and allows them to contact you easily on the off chance anything goes wrong. Make sure you consistently check customer inquiries and respond in a timely fashion.
  2. Create Great Listings – Ensure your listings are clear, concise, and informative. High-quality photos help buyers see exactly what it is they’re purchasing, and item specifications give them information on what to expect from their purchase. Utilizing SEO within your item descriptions is also a helpful way to get your listings seen by customers.
  3. Deliver on Time/Include Shipping Details – Make sure you’re prepared to complete the sales you make on time. Fulfilling orders promptly keeps your customers happy and moves your eBay inventory, allowing you to make room for new items to sell. Also, including shipping details within your orders is a great way to keep your customers informed.
  4. Have Your Return Policy Displayed – It’s up to each seller to determine their own return policy on eBay. You may require returns to be in their original condition or charge a return fee. It’s recommended that you have your policy clearly displayed throughout your website and available to customers as an insert in their order packaging to eliminate any confusion.


Final Thoughts

Becoming an eBay Top Seller takes time, patience, and work, but the benefits you’ll receive make it worthwhile. With good customer communication, clear shipping and return policies, and great listings, every eBay seller has the potential to increase trust with eBay shoppers, improve the visibility of your products, and drive more traffic to your listings. For some actionable tips that will help improve your eBay business, read Tips You Need to Be a Successful eBay Seller. Armed with the information above and our simple tips, you truly can take your business to the next level when you become an eBay Top Seller.



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