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What a surprise! A blog for an inventory management software company comes out as pro inventory management software. But just because we’re personally biased doesn’t mean we’re wrong — after all, we wouldn’t have gotten into this business unless ecommerce software was actually useful.

If you’re still on the fence about using a software or you’re researching its merits before signing up, we wanted to outline all the benefits of inventory management software in one place. Here’s what you have to gain from using software like ecomdash.


More Free Time (and Less Boredom)

The goal of automation is to save you time. Managing a multichannel ecommerce business is a mixed bag, requiring both dedicated strategic thought as well as menial “busy work.” Automation software takes care of the latter so you have more free time for the former.

From syncing inventory from all your warehouses, updating stock levels on all your sales channels, or routing sales orders directly to the dropshipper or manufacturer, automation software takes care of the simple tasks so you don’t have to worry about them. Not only does it save time, but it spares you the tedium of boring, repetitive tasks.


Automatically Update Stock Levels

More and more, multichannel selling is becoming essential to ecommerce success. New marketplaces emerge every day and attract new niches, so it’s increasingly difficult to find all your target customers in the same place. The solution is to branch out and sell on multiple channels, but that means more work to maintain each channel.

One of the biggest threats multichannel sellers face is keeping all the stock levels up-to-date. Every time a sale is made, you have to update that product’s stock levels on each channel. For every sale.

That’s the exact kind of busy work we were talking about above — the kind that can be solved through automation. Whenever a sale is made, we’ll automatically update the stock levels on all your product pages on all your channels. This ensures you never lose customers or suffer bad reviews because of overselling. Syncs are done in near real time, too — other inventory management software syncs by the hour, meaning you could still oversell if you have a short hot streak.


Manage Inventory for Different Warehouses

Just like ecommerce software unites all your different sales channels, it also unites all your warehouses. Ecomdash can tell you how many items of each product you have in each of your warehouses, right down to the aisle and bin locations. This benefit is particularly useful in avoiding shortages and the dreaded “Out of Stock” message, especially if you set a restock alert to trigger when your inventory reaches a specified number.

That goes beyond just warehouses, too — we also connect to your Amazon FBA account, dropshipping supplier, or 3PL. You can also prioritize which location to draw certain products from, or effortlessly reroute sales orders from one location to another.


Single Dashboard for Multiple Sales Channels

Sometimes the hardest part of multichannel selling is just staying organized. You’re essentially running multiple stores at the same time, and even when no particular trouble arises, maintaining the status quo on each channel is trouble enough.

Inventory management software eases the burden by syncing all your channels to a single, centralized dashboard. You’re able to conduct all your business at one location — no more signing into different accounts or going back and forth between different tabs. This is a huge advantage for relieving stress and making your job easier, to say nothing of how much time you save by streamlining your managerial tasks.


Edit Listings Only Once

We’ve spoken a lot about how inventory management software spares you from the more doldrum tasks of running an online store. And of all the tedious busy work tasks, few are worse than the data entry of updating product listings on different sales channels.

If you don’t use ecommerce software, you have to do this manually — go to each product page on each channel and make the same changes, over and over again. This kind of tedium deters changing product listings at all, which can seriously harm your business. Updating pages is a quick way to improve your SEO, among other advantages.

Using inventory management software, though, you only have to update the price of a listing once before it applies to all your channels. Ecomdash allows you to edit a master price, which in turn automatically updates the live product listings on all your channels. That makes it both convenient and time-efficient to update your listings according to the latest trends or changes in shopper preferences.


Advanced Inventory Management Made Easy

Aside from making regular tasks easier, inventory management software also gives online vendors the opportunity to use advanced techniques they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. Some of our advanced features include:

Bundles, kits, and multipacks. Inventory management is hard enough when you sell one product at a time, but what about packs? Software like ours lets you easily account for the sales of bundles, kits, and multipacks, such as 2-for-1s and specially curated collections. This opens the door for new sales strategies and creative ways to unload unwanted inventory.

Craft components. If you’re selling homemade crafts or artisanal goods, the levels of your final products aren’t as important as the levels of supplies and ingredients. Ecomdash treats product components with the same regard as finished products, giving you accurate and up-to-date status on what’s available and when you need to reorder. You can also track the total costs of goods sold, helping you optimize your prices for maximum profit.

Analytics reports. We offer over 40 different business health reports, based on your brand’s overall performance. You’re able to track sales trends, accurately forecast inventory needs, and make informed decisions on which products to add or remove.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by all the features, you can ask any of our friendly product specialists for help. They’re happy to assist with any questions or concerns you may have.


Is Inventory Management Software Worth It? See For Yourself!

We could talk all day about the benefits of inventory management software and what it can do for your ecommerce business, but the best way to convince you is to just show you. Here are some free inventory management platforms that you could consider. Or try ecomdash for free with our 15-day trial, where you can explore all the features at your own pace and see firsthand what it’s capable of. No credit card required! Click here to start your 15-day free trial now.


Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published July 2014 and was updated in January 2020 to reflect more accurate and relevant information.

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The Ultimate Guide To Inventory Management for Multichannel Retailers

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