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Staying competitive in today’s ecommerce world takes a lot of work. Online retailers must keep their standards high to meet customer expectations, especially when it comes to order fulfillment and delivery. Customers want their orders fast and without any mishaps. One bad shipping experience can damper your seller rating and send customers to competitors.

One way to prevent shipping accidents from happening is by using an effective order management system. Here are five benefits of order control software:


#1 – Less Manual Effort

Selling online means you don’t have all the overhead, but it does come with some logistical nightmares. From staying on top of new orders coming in to updating older order statuses, you may feel trapped at your computer. Employing an order control software can help break those chains, so you can focus on more important parts of your business.

Many order management solutions automate order routing tasks and tracking information updates. Typically, you set rules for your fulfillment options and the system will send orders to the appropriate fulfillment option without you doing anything.

It closes the loop, too. Once an order is fulfilled, the order management system automatically updates the sales platform with the tracking information and order status.

You’ll have so much more time on your hands to focus on building your business now. Customers are updated on the progression of their shipments from the time it’s created until it’s delivered to their doorstep. This is key to meeting the expectations of online shoppers in today’s market.


#2 – Easier Multichannel Expansion

One key way to grow your online business is to sell in multiple places. Multichannel selling allows you to place your products where your customers shop. This expansion does come with its own logistical nightmares. Managing inventory and order fulfillment separately for multiple sales channels isn’t so easy. In fact, it can get pretty complicated and time-consuming. You’ll have more sales portals to log in to and more orders to maintain and update. This chaos can lead to many multichannel fulfillment mistakes.

An order management system can streamline this process for you. It imports orders from all your sales platforms to one central location. You can view customer information, order details, and more. From there, you can either set rules to have orders routed to specific fulfillment centers or print labels directly from the platform.


#3 – Faster Fulfillment

An order management system makes the fulfillment process faster – especially if you use multiple fulfillment options. As soon as an order is received, it’s already being routed to the right place before you may even know it exists.

Without an automated system, the order sits in your seller portal until you log in, get the details, and either fulfill it yourself or send it to the appropriate fulfillment option. Think about how much time that could be, especially since you have to sleep at some point during the day. Those precious minutes can be the difference in maintaining the industry’s high shipping expectation and an unhappy customer.

Whether you dropship, use a 3PL like FBA and Deliverr, or, maybe, you have a network of your own warehouses, an order control software can automatically send orders to where it needs to go without you losing a wink of sleep.


#4 – Better Order Accuracy

No matter how good you and your staff are at keeping up with new orders, there’ll always be human errors when processing orders manually. From picking the wrong item off the shelf to forgetting an item all together, it’s hard to prevent these mistakes from happening, especially if you have a huge influx of orders.

An order management software can be used to print pick lists that show key information like the aisle and bin locations for each product. This makes it easy to locate the right items in the warehouse and allows employees to quickly pack boxes. From there, you can use packing verification scans to further ensure you’re sending the right products to the right customers every time.


 #5 – Lower Shipping Costs

The ability to have or create a complex fulfillment operation with multiple fulfillment options can save you a ton of money on shipping costs.

When you distribute inventory across different fulfillment centers, you can strategically choose to prioritize which orders go to which fulfillment option by zip code. When an order is fulfilled from a center that is geographically closer, you’ll pay less on postage and it’ll take less time to get the package to your customer. It’s a win for you and for your customers. The problem? How do you handle this manually? Well, you don’t. It’s one of the best benefits of order control software – it automates this all for you!

Additionally, many order management solutions partner with shipping carriers to extend discounted postage to sellers. That means you’ll pay even less with some heavy discounts.


Investing in An Order Control Software Solution

Order management is a complex process by nature, and it’s not related to the size of your business. Rather, it’s about the complexity of the business.

If you have multiple sales channels and warehouses in various locations, order fulfillment will be complicated. Bringing all your orders together is essential.

That’s the biggest benefit of order control software – it centralizes the order process and provides a complete view of the entire order lifecycle. With the right order management solution, you’ll improve order fulfillment accuracy, increase customer retention, and save time. Time that can be better spent focusing on business growth.

So, is investing in an order management system worth it? We think it’s a resounding yes! Growing your business depends on it. If you’re ready to see it in action, give our order management software a try for free.


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