Order Control Software

What exactly makes order control software so fundamental for an ecommerce business?

I’ll explain it like this: pick which one of these three tools you’d rather have for your business.

– A tool that instantly makes order fulfillment 50% faster.

– A tool that would take the lid off your business and allow for more uncapped growth.

– A tool that would automate your least favorite tedious back-end tasks.

That would be a tough choice for any business owner to make. But you don’t have to choose between the three. Order control software accomplishes the whole list. This isn’t snake oil. It’s just smart, efficient business management.

Order control software is a system that takes control of your sales order management for any number of tasks and functions. The goal of these software programs are to reduce the amount of backend operation a seller has to do by hand. A rock solid order control software system like ours at ecomdash can realistically upend the way you do business and deliver quantifiable positive results in your metrics.

Here are the four ways order control software helps you sell more, faster, and easier.


Less Tedious Communication

The amount of information flying back and forth for ecommerce sellers is mind blowing. If you’re still doing all that data transferring by hand, I at least hope you’re giving your eyes and fingers a rest every few minutes. Each time you get a sale from your ecommerce store, do you have to manually forward it to your supplier or fulfillment center? Do you have to forward tracking and shipping info to your customer afterward? If so, you’ve placed a ceiling on your sales potential. Order control software blows the roof off. Sales orders are automatically routed to your supplier, dropshipper, or to Fulfillment by Amazon. Our order control software even generates a tracking number and forwards it to your customer, saving you even more time.


Lightning Fast Fulfillment

Your customers want their orders as quickly as possible. The longer they have to wait, the more likely they are to leave negative feedback that can damage your future earnings potential. Ditching the middleman communication of manual order control in favor of order control software has been known to speed up fulfillment by up to 50%. That gives you the opportunity to move a lot more sales, run more lean, and test new products quickly. In addition to being faster, human error also decreases. Your software system won’t have the same chance of costly mistakes as you or your employees would. In the war of man vs. machine, the computer wins this round.


Feedback Ratings Boost

Your feedback has a huge impact on your conversions. Online shoppers cannot physically interact with a product before they purchase it like they can at a physical retail location. They depend on product reviews and buyer feedback to tell them what the product and buying process are like. If consumers feel as if the shipping process will be slow based on the feedback received from other buyers, your chances of getting a conversion go down. Faster and more accurate fulfillment thanks to order control software can lessen your chances of finding your feedback section full of angry customers. It all goes back to increasing your conversions. Once new buyers see feedback saying you meet or exceed delivery times, they’ll be more eager to buy. How many online purchases do you abandon when you see that fulfillment is expected to take up to a month? Fostering glowing feedback for your fulfillment process is a great way to build trust among your customers.


Scale Your Business

I have a friend who runs a side hustle where he designs and sells stickers for skateboards. Right now, he takes orders from his own website powered by Shopify and manages his own inventory, purchase orders, storage, and shipping. He processes only 40-50 orders a month, and even at this point he sometimes struggles to ship on time. He can’t conceivably use this model at 100, 500, or 1,000 orders. He has set a ceiling on his own sales. Order control software helps you scale your business, meaning you establish shipping workflows that can accommodate growth. If he had a sales order manager for Shopify, he could process orders more quickly, expand to Amazon, eBay, or other marketplaces and platforms, and turn his side hustle into a full time business.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, order control software has several key advantages over manual order management. You’ll find that entrusting your sales order management to a software system will save you time, grow your sales, and take your business to the next level. It is your first step to building a sustainable model that creates results you can see.

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