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Shift4Shop sellers have plenty of tools available to help grow their business. There are hundreds of apps that integrate with Shift4Shop, some free and some paid.

The following free Shift4Shop Apps are designed to help you improve various areas of your online business.


Pure Chat

With Pure Chat, you can interact with your website visitors in real-time, providing the answers and information needed to complete a purchase. Live chat is a huge trend right now. It’s a great way to give your visitors the personalized service they crave while conveying the brand image you want.

The Pure Chat app also gives you the ability to see, in real-time, who is on your store website with its visitor tracking tool. You can monitor when your peak traffic times are so you can plan for resources to be available for live chat. You can also engage with multiple visitors at the same time from your desktop or mobile device.


Quick View

When there are too many steps to make a purchase, some customers may lose patience and abandon their cart,  possibly moving on to your competitor’s site that offers a simpler checkout process. That’s where the Quick View app can really save those customers. The Quick View app eliminates many steps of the buying process and allows your customers to buy a product directly from a category page.

Here’s how it works: When a shopper hovers their mouse over a product image, they’ll see a Quick View button. This option offers a simplified, but thorough, product viewing page along with an Add to Cart button inside of a popup window. Shoppers can also complete their purchase directly from this popup window. It’s quick and easy for customers who are already familiar with the product, or who don’t have the time (or inclination) to peruse your complete product page.



Poptin is a free app that creates web and mobile popups designed to engage customers and increase conversions. The app offers various ways for you to reach potential and existing customers that increases engagement, reduces shopping cart abandonment rate, increases your customer email database, and captures more purchases. Here’s a quick look at how Poptin helps:

Engagement – You can use surveys, feedback requests, and show additional content to keep shoppers engaged.

Lower cart abandonment rates – Engage customers who might abandon their carts with a popup that promotes an offer they can‘t refuse.

Grow customer database – Use Poptin to ask for email addresses for your store newsletter and special email campaigns.

Capture more purchases– Offer visitors relevant deals, discounts, and promotions based on their unique shopping behavior to improve conversion rates.


Daily Deals

With the Daily Deal app, you can create a sense of urgency that shoppers have a hard time ignoring. The Daily Deal tool is customizable, so you can modify it to match your brand. It displays selected products to website visitors along with a special discount and countdown timer. You can also define the parameters for the Daily Deal boxes for maximum reach and visibility.



Customer feedback is essential to the success of an online store, especially since there isn’t a physical store or any face-to-face communication with your brand. Online shoppers want to know they can trust your products and policies, and not waste their time or money on something they won’t like. That’s why many online shoppers want to see what previous customers have to say before taking the plunge and hitting the Buy button.

You can use the feedback you receive to build stronger customer relationships, grow your customer base, and increase conversions.


Final Thoughts

The above are just a few of the many free apps you’ll find to help with your Shift4Shop online business. To browse Shift4Shop’s full app store, click here. If you’re considering paying for a Shift4Shop app, make sure you read the reviews prior. Don’t be afraid to call the company up, ask questions, and see if you can try it for free. Your money (and time) is valuable. Don’t invest in a tool unless it has already worked for others like you.

What are your favorite apps to use with your own Shift4Shop ecommerce website? Please share in the comments section below.

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