best 3dcart apps for ecommerce businesses

Ecomdash loves helping our customers and other multichannel sellers, which is why we love to share some of the best free apps

3dCart, another integration partner of ours, also has an App Store for their customers. Though many of the apps on the 3dcart App Store are not free (you’ll find us on there under order management), there are also some fantastic free tools available. The use of website-specific apps can help you engage with customers, increase sales and improve efficiency all around. The following 3dCart Apps are designed to help sellers capture their audience’s attention through reviews and enticing deals. Best of all – they’re free with your 3dCart account.



When you’re looking to try out a new restaurant or before you read a book, what do you do? Read the reviews. Customer feedback is essential to the success of an online store, especially since the potential face-to-face communication is null. Shoppers want to know they can trust you, your products and your policies, and not waste their time or money on something “most” people say is not great.  The best way for them to determine that and put them into buying mode is through the ravings of their peers. Use 3dFeedback to engage your website visitors, and strengthen your lead generation activities. You can customize the design of the comment box to fit your brand, and use the feedbacks to increase conversion rates.

best free 3dcart apps


Group Deals

Group Deals are perfect for moving old merchandise that you want to get rid of, or selling items in bulk and with greater frequency. It works sort of like deal sites such as Groupon or Living Social, where products are offered at desirable discounts. However, Group Deals is different. In order to be eligible for the deal, a set amount of participants must also purchase. If you were trying to push old stock before ordering new items for the Holiday shopping season, you might assign 50% off an existing product that’s been sitting in your inventory – but only if 20 people sign up for the deal. For a few individuals who really want this item, the desire to gain access to this deal will encourage them to tell their friends about it, which will bring you more sales.

free 3dcart apps


Daily Deals

Like Group Deals, Daily Deals creates a sense of urgency, and encourages shoppers to follow through with a purchase. Daily Deals is fully customizable to fit your brand, and can be featured on pre-defined pages of your website to ensure maximum visibility and reach. Time sensitive deals are highly effective – just take a look at any Cyber Monday promotion and you’ll see why. Set the timer, and present an offer to your buyers they can’t refuse.

free 3dcart apps

To browse 3dCart’s full app store, click here. If you are considering paying for 3dcart app, make sure you read the reviews prior. Don’t be afraid to call them up, ask questions and see if you can run a trial. Your money (and your time) are valuable. Don’t invest in a tool unless it has already worked for others like you.

What are your favorite apps to use with your own 3dcart ecommerce website? Please share in the comments section below.

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