amazon product reviewsFor sellers on Amazon, receiving customer feedback can make or break you. Your seller rating can either improve or plummet, and depending on where your competitors rank, a bad rating may scare off potential customers. Though product reviews are slightly varied from direct seller feedback, they can still play a major role in how much business you do. To cut down on some of the anxiety, we like to share terribly absurd Amazon product reviews that are written purely for entertainment. We’ve talked about a steering-wheel laptop tray that is equal parts hysterical and dangerous, and could not stop laughing at the comments. Believe it or not, George Takei participates in the art of writing ridiculous customer reviews, including one for the aforementioned multitasking death trap.

It’s not just George – even Amazon cannot deny the hilarity of these reviews. They have a page dedicated to their favorites that they’ve curated for readers to enjoy. Here are our favorite gems from their list:

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2014-09-03_1120Hilarious Amazon Product Reviews

If you remember vaguely the comment during the 2012 Presidential election that referenced a “binder” and “women,” these reviews will make more sense. To be clear, we’re not endorsing any political campaign here – we just like a good laugh.


Have you seen any funny customer reviews? Share your favorites with us, and we may include them in a follow up post. When it comes to things that make us laugh, the more the merrier. If you need any help removing a negative review from your Amazon seller rating, please read our guide on dealing with negative feedback.

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