top bigcommerce apps for online retailersWith the BigCommerce platform, you already have access to customer segmentation, analytics, unlimited product options, coupons, abandoned cart emails, and integrations to Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. With other platforms, you’d have to use additional apps to have access to those features. Using BigCommerce means that you don’t have to waste money and effort on a bunch of apps that you need, because the functionality is already available natively. Instead, you can choose BigCommerce apps that further enhance your operations and sales, making the most of your time and money.

We’ve listed the top BigCommerce apps you should add to your online cart.


justuno bigcommerce app

1. Grow Your Email List with JustUno

The most important asset to any ecommerce business is an email subscriber list. These individuals are easy to market to in an inexpensive way. You can use your list to engage loyal customers, bring back those who haven’t made a purchase in a while, test various marketing messages, and much more.

But to really build a substantial subscriber list, you must have an effective way to capture emails on your website. JustUno allows you to collect email addresses using pop-ups, such as discount code offers, newsletter sign ups, and exit intent triggers.

These types of email capture apps are perfect for your business. The more emails you collect, the more traffic you can generate, quickly leading to new sales and loyal customers.


fomo bigcommerce app

2. Create Urgency and Excitement with Fomo

Most people are afraid of being left out and this type of fear is something you can capitalize on.

When potential customers see that their peers are buying your products, they’ll want to buy them too.

With Fomo, you can show potential shoppers a pop-up alert when someone buys a product. This social proof is sure to boost your sales because we all want what others have. bigcommerce app

3. Reward Loyal Customers with

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty is a great way to keep them coming back for more. With Smile, you can quickly set up and maintain your own customer loyalty program.

With this app, you can create a fully customized program that perfectly matches your business’s brand and theme. With custom imagery, colors, icons, and your own logo, Smile makes it simple to reward your buyers with a personalized experience.


reamaze bigcommerce app

4. Provide the Highest Level of Customer Service with Re:amaze

Daily operations, unexpected problems, and sourcing new products often take priority over customer service issues. But, with Re:amze, an intuitive customer service app, your customers get the attention and service they deserve.

Re:amaze tracks customer data so that you always have information available about any prior interactions a customer has had with your brand. The app can collect interactions from email, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Additionally, it can sync with any support content or documentation you have, in order to provide customers with the information they need quickly.


shipperhq bigcommerce app

5. Provide Accurate Shipping Fees with ShipperHQ

Shipping is one aspect of ecommerce that, when not done correctly, can cost you a lot of money and customers.

When you don’t have accurate shipping costs listed, customers may quickly abandon ship and leave your store. On the other hand, when you don’t charge enough for shipping, you end up cutting into your profits.

ShipperHQ helps control your shipping rates, ensuring your customers always know exactly what shipping costs will be. You can also define the carriers you want to use, the applicable shipping methods, and your own shipping rules.


6. Retain Customers with AfterShip

These days, customers want their shipments, and they want them fast. But not only that, they also want to be able to track the status of their shipments along the way.

AfterShip allows just that and it also sends email and SMS status updates to your customers. This extra communication keeps your customers happy, ensuring positive reviews!

AfterShip supports the tracking of UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and over 400 other carriers.’


paywhirl bigcommerce app

7. Make Recurring Billing Easy with PayWhirl

PayWhirl is an excellent app for billing recurring payments including subscriptions, pre-ordering products, payment plans, wholesale programs, layaway programs, and anything else you need. Even better, your customers can log in on their own accounts to view billing history and update their information.


ecomdash bigcommerce app

8. Make Inventory & Order Management Easy With Ecomdash

Selling on multiple channels can help you quickly build brand awareness. While it may be great at increasing sales, it can also increase the number of headaches you must deal with. From updating product quantities across your various channels to logging in to each portal to gather customer order details, it is a full-time job managing each channel.

That’s where ecomdash can help. The app connects with each sales platform you sell on and imports all your customer order into one platform. From there, you can set rules for fulfillment (no matter the number of fulfillment options you have). It’ll also keep all your product quantities updated on each channel, in near real-time. Check out what else you get with it’s BigCommerce inventory software.


Final Thoughts about BigCommerce Apps

As an ecommerce retailer, your goal is to streamline as many processes as you can. Doing so, allows you to grow your business and ensure it’s successful. BigCommerce makes it easy by providing many built-in features, opening it up for you to find apps, like those above, that make running your business even more efficient.

If you’re interested in dropshipping, you should check out this list of BigCommerce dropshipping apps.

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published September 2014 and was updated in August 2019 to reflect more accurate and relevant information.


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