You know the saying – the best things in life are free. Why should selling online be much different? Sure you have to pay for some things, like shipping tools, ecommerce inventory management software, or a cool web store. But there should be some great add-ons out there that come at no cost to you. We’ve been searching the internet for the best free solutions for ecommerce sellers, and have found free apps for Shopify, eBay, photo editors and more. Now that ecomdash is fully integrated with Bigcommerce, we’re happy to guide our customers to the best free tools available for Bigcommerce users. Use these to make your site an ecommerce knockout.


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a great tool to give you insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. Create goals to track (i.e. call-to-action conversions, low bounce rates, sales, signups, etc.), and view data from date-to-date or see it all cumulatively. Google Analytics pulls data from linked social sites, and can help you evaluate what social media tactics are working or not. If  you check out Google Trends and incorporate that trending data with your own history, you can even use it to help you forecast sales and know how much inventory to stock ahead of time.


Features – Ecommerce Website Analytics

As displayed on the Bigcommerce app store, the Google Analytics features include:

  • Advertising ROI
  • Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking
  • Customized Reporting
  • Sharing and Communicating
  • Visualizing Data
  • Google Integration and Reliability
  • E-commerce Tracking




AddShoppers is a social analytics platform that will help increase your revenue by enhancing your online store with smart sharing buttons, social rewards, and more. AddShoppers grants sellers access into ROI insights of social sharing, identifying their biggest influencers, SKU-level social insights, and then some. Install the sharing buttons and reward your biggest fans with coupons (as well as encourage customers not to abandon their shopping cart).


Features – Ecommerce Social Buttons and Social Analytics

  • Free social analytics and social commerce apps.
  • Facebook “Want” and “Own” buttons.
  • Simple 5-minute installation.
  • Actionable social analytics at the SKU level.
  • Identify your biggest influencers.
  • Won’t slow down your website.
  • API access.



Yotpo makes the process of posting customer reviews easy for both you and your buyer. Yotpo generates an email to be sent to shoppers after a set amount of time has passed (you dictate how much time until the email is sent). Customers can leave a review in their email, which then automatically populates on your site. It’s hands-off for you, and simple to do for them. Yotpo users receive reviews on 6-10% of their orders. Install takes only 5 minutes.


Features – Get More Ecommerce Customer Reviews

  • Easy installation – In 5 minutes you’re done.
  • Fully customizable for a perfect fit for your site.
  • Yotpo sends emails automatically to your customers to encourage them to write reviews.
  • SEO Minisite – Set up an SEO Mini site to leverage your user generated content and drive more traffic from Google.
  • Full moderation of reviews – publish only the reviews you want to show off.
  • Reviews are trustworthy – Each review has a badge next to it to show if it came from a verified buyer or not.
  • Set up coupons to entice your customers to write reviews and share them with their social networks.
  • Wide range of analytics which help you identify the $ value that Yotpo is bringing you each month.


What are some of your favorite Bigcommerce apps and add-ons that have helped you improve your ecommerce business in some way?

Get set up on more sales channels, and we’ll help you get your products listed for sale faster.

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