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There is no doubt about it, eBay is the biggest player in the online auction universe. Every day, millions of buyers flood the website looking for the best prices on the items they want. That demand means that there is an ever-growing number of retailers who are making a living selling their wares on the platform. In fact, approximately 6.7 to 9.7 million people now indicate eBay as their primary source of income. Just as the number of buyers and sellers has skyrocketed, so has the need to make listing items on eBay quick and easy. Many eBay listing templates and tools have emerged to fill that need.

To help you find the best eBay listing templates available (both paid and free), we’ve put together a short list of the options worth trying.


1. FreeAuctionDesigns

Free Auction Designs may not have a stunning website, but it does have close to 1,000 quality templates for you to choose from – and they’re free! Whatever your eBay business is, you will be able to find a template that is perfect for it. All templates found here are SSL compatible and offer bulk upload and download.

FreeAuctionDesigns templates are all offered for free.


2. Store Designer

Store Designer is an eBay template solution that makes it extremely easy to highlight your products in a professional manner. The templates are well-designed and attractive, even though there are fewer designs available than some of the other options listed.

Store Designer is currently $5.99 per month with a 7-day free trial period.

Learn more about this service here.


3. Ninja Templates

Don’t want to spend time designing your storefront and listing templates? Ninja Templates offers an all-inclusive design package that might be a great option for you. With this package, Ninja Templates will design a fully customized and mobile responsive eBay store design, as well as matching listing templates. Their templates are also compliant with eBay’s active content restrictions. They also install your designs on eBay and the listing service of your choice. It is a great hands-off option for busy sellers. One of the biggest perks of using Ninja Templates is their post-installation support and expert advice.

Ninja Templates offers 3 different eBay design packages starting at $899.

Learn more about this service here.


4. WidgetChimp

Coding experience isn’t necessary when you use WidgetChimp to create beautiful templates for your eBay store. You can design and utilize templates in a matter of seconds that will showcase your products and help attract buyers. The templates from WidgetChimp are mobile responsive, which is essential for today’s online retailers.

WidgetChimp plans start at £9.99 per month (about $13 US dollars) and you can try it for free for 7 days.

Learn more about this service here.


5. Design A Store

Design A Store is a great solution for eBay merchants, offering listing and store templates for its customers. Experience in coding isn’t needed, there are simple drag and drop processes for all templates. Design A Store is one of the few paid eBay listing solutions that charges a one-time fee and has no ongoing charges. It also has a knowledgeable support team, who have worked with eBay sellers for over 10 years. Their templates are compliant with eBay’s active content restrictions.

Design A Store’s one-time fee starts at £65 (about $82 US dollars).

Learn more about this service here.


6. Frooition

Frooition templates for eBay are mobile responsive and are compliant with eBay’s active content regulations. You can choose from three different plans, each one containing more useful features than the last. You can design your store to your specifications, with at least 6 selling widgets, and process listings and revisions in bulk quickly. Customer reviews of Frooition are overwhelmingly favorable.

Frooition doesn’t list their pricing, but offer a form for you to obtain a quick quote for their services.

Learn more about this service here.


What is Your Favorite eBay Template Solution?

There is a lot that goes into running a successful eBay store – and aesthetics is one consideration you should explore. You want your site to be appealing and able to draw customers in for a closer look. Every eBay seller has his or her own preferences when it comes to store and listing design. The important thing to know is that there are many options available at different price points. Most of the paid solutions offer free trial periods so that you can see if they have what you need at the price point you can afford.

Once you have your favorite eBay template, use our eBay listing tool that can apply these templates in bulk!

Do you have a favorite eBay listing template solution that we haven’t listed? If so, please let us know in the comments below.


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