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If you’re serious about ecommerce, you are likely already selling on eBay. It’s one of the most popular marketplaces in the world (last we checked, it’s only second to Amazon in the US), so it’s a great channel to grow your business on. Our friends at Endicia recently had the opportunity to learn some best practices from eBay sellers, and shared them on their Savvy Shipper blog.

Since many of our customers sell on eBay, we thought we’d share these expert tips that our partners at Endicia put together for you. Here are the top four eBay tips and tricks for sellers to succeed on eBay and win more sales. Are you doing these already?


Outsource Whatever You Can

Are there any needs you have that you can pass off to an employee, coworker or even a software? Endicia suggests delegating as many tasks as you can to free up your time and give you back the focus you need to manage your business. If you’re not comfortable diving in full force with software yet, start small with free tools like Hootsuite, an online social media manager. Work up to the big stuff that you will eventually need if you want to grow, like online inventory software and postage providers that save you a trip to the post office.


Speed Up Shipping with the Right Carrier

Issues with shipping are the most common reason a buyer will leave negative feedback. Customers want their items, and they want them fast. Endicia recommends being very clear about the estimated shipping time frame, and doing everything you can to exceed expectations and ship items as quickly as possible. Do some comparison shopping between shipping carriers, and find the one with the best options and rates for your business.


Rock Your Product Descriptions

We’re 110% on board with Endicia here. Product descriptions are absolutely essential to increasing sales and building buyer trust. You definitely want to get this right – products that arrive “not as described” are another common reason for negative feedback. The folks at Endicia suggest including everything you can, like product dimensions, color(s), materials, etc. They also point out the importance of remembering your target audience when putting together product descriptions. Is there any kind of unique benefit of using the product that may influence purchase decision? Think about all the elements the shopper wants to know before they decide to press “buy now.”


Get Creative with Packaging

Don’t underestimate the power of presentation. Like Endicia says in their post, your items don’t have to be “wrapped like a Tiffany’s diamond,” but you should put some thought and care into packaging. Personalize your products with small freebies, coupons, a handwritten thank you note and more. This extra step can help encourage repeat customers. On average, businesses with 40% repeat customers report 50% more revenue than similar companies with only 10% repeat customers. Thoughtful packaging is definitely worth the extra effort.

We love these eBay tips from Endicia, and hope you can use these to grow more successful in your ecommerce endeavors. For more updates from the Endicia crew, follow them on twitter.

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