Last week we re-shared some of our most popular marketplace-related blog posts from 2014. The following posts were our most popular ones that are all about ecommerce seller tips. Did you catch any of these the first time around?

Tips For an Amazing Ecommerce Website – Foodie Style! – Have you ever considered how similar restaurants and ecommerce businesses are when it comes to product description, emphasis on reviews and a great layout? Take a tip from your favorite eatery and style your ecommerce website like a foodie would.

How To Provide Customer Service When You’re Invisible – Providing customer service when you run an online business is hard because you lack the face-to-face contact that brick-and-mortar stores benefit from. But, it’s not impossible. Here are some fool proof tips for connecting with your customers in a meaningful way, even when you can’t see them. The more customers feel appreciated and taken care of, the more likely they’ll become a loyal, repeat customer.

Your Website Mood Ring- What Store Colors Say To Shoppers – Color is a powerful and persuasive tool. Did you know that depending on the product, 90% of snap judgments made about an item can be based on color alone? Though we wrote this months ago, this is a great post to help you make conscious decisions when revamping your website and other marketing materials in 2015.

What’s In A Name- Domain Name Generators For Online Sellers – Ideal for novice sellers or those looking to start a second business independent of their current ecommerce brand, this post shares the best sources for finding good (and available) domain names. There’s even a fun tool to help you come up with your business name. Bonus: each tool is free.

Amazon Horror Stories: Scammers, Ghost Listings and More – In the spirit of Halloween, we compiled a list of the worst things that could happen on Amazon, like surprise listings that become reactivated without your prior knowledge, buyers that try to get a free product and more. Peppered with tips on how to avoid these harrowing situations, we did our best to dismantle these horror stories so that you could handle it with ease, should it ever happen to you (we hope not!).

Were any of these tips useful to you last year? Or do you have another great source for seller resources that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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