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We recently published our first eBook, Better eRetail: Make Ecommerce Easy with 75 Expert Ideas to Save Time and Boost Sales. In this book you’ll find the best ecommerce tips to increase conversions, win at Amazon, master complex shipping and inventory strategies and more. It’s a comprehensive guide for both new and seasoned ecommerce retailers to grow more successful, save time and get ahead of their competition. And it’s free to download!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside. Could your ecommerce website be plagued by shopping cart abandonment?

Put a Stop to Shopping Cart Abandonment

Though many retailers may think their ecommerce sites are competitive, reports show that on average, 68% of a site’s browsers will leave without completing a purchase. There are a couple common culprits that cause buyers to jump ship before checking out. Consider all of these pointers and make changes where necessary. Are your buyers jumping ship too soon?

1. No Surprise Costs

56% of buyers report leaving because they were presented with unexpected costs. This can be due to shipping charges being communicated too late in the buying process, or product prices not being clearly stated. Make sure your product pages are top-notch and clearly show prices. Consider adding a shipping calculator to your product page.

2. Keep Photos Visible Throughout Checkout

Keeping buyers informed of their purchase can help them carry through to the end. Checkout pages that include photos of the items in the shopping cart increase conversion rates by 10%.

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3. Know Your Buyer

36 and 32% say they don’t complete their purchase because they found a better price elsewhere or the item was too expensive, respectively. Besides the obvious fix of editing your product pages for clarity, make sure you are also marketing to the right audience, really. Know the demographics of each audience to determine where to focus efforts – what are the average ages? Socio-economic statuses? For example, 90% of Instagram users are under 35, making that social media outlet ideal for brands with young consumers who are just beginning in the workforce and may be budget conscious.

4. Offer a Guest Checkout

Get rid of site registration for checkout, or add a “guest checkout” option. 75% of buyers who are forced to register in order to checkout will abandon the purchase.

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