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If you’re a new seller or looking to start branding your already successful ecommerce business, the process of choosing a name for your business can be daunting. Having a memorable business name is essential, but it’s hard to be clever and crafty when you’re focused on running your company. We compiled our top three favorite (and free) website name generators to help you get your thinking cap on, make sure the name you choose is actually available and for sale as a website domain, and create a brand name that’s as memorable and clever as it is meaningful.

To help guide you through these tools, I searched for the keyword “puppy” – I chose this for its popularity, in order to draw more creative results – knowing that most “puppy” options would probably already be taken, and also because it is my favorite thing in the world (honestly, I’ve been volunteering with the local dog shelter lately and falling in love daily – needless to say, puppies are on the mind).


Business Name Generator

business name generator


Business Name Generator (BNG) is a quick and easy site for generating different company names for your choosing! Along with the name generator, BNG offers a domain generator as well as a brand generator. Simply type in keywords about your business (such as the industry, size, products) and check on the domain availability.




A creative word generator that combines keywords with sound and visual appeal, Wordoid produces site names that “look nice and feel great.” Zanier suggestions will populate- which aligns best with a company that has a little room for fun with their branding and marketing. Wordoid displays whether each site name is available on .com or .net, and can filter through different language combinations for an even quirkier brand name.




Nammesh is a straightforward search tool to find which sites are available with your keywords. Filter by specifics such as Length, SEO effectiveness, Fun (meaning clever/good for branding), Newest, and more. You can further browse by domain hosting site (etc. Go Daddy), or select if you’d like your domain to populate on .com, .net, .io and .co. It works better with multiple keywords or a creative, new combination of words (see wordoid).


Shopify Business Name Generator

shopify name generator

Shopify Business Name Generator is another easily accessible site. Similarly to Business Name Generator, to use Shopify BNG you just type in keywords related to your company then choose from the creative list of names. After finding the right business name, you can then pick a domain name that expresses your “business’ persona”.


Bonus: Network Solutions

Already have a name selected? Head over to Network Solutions to see which domains are available. As expected, is taken, but is available. Get creative with domain extensions, and get your site on the web.

network solutions

Use these to get brainstorming, and you’ll have an inventive, one-of-a-kind store name in no time. Need help with images, icons and more? Consult our list of best free photo tools, and read how color can influence purchase decisions of your buyer.

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