free apps for sellersNot long ago, we brought you what we considered to be the top free Shopify apps. We still stand by what we said (those were some great add-ons), but we’re here today to add to the list. Shopify has such a great community of contributors, and it’s difficult to narrow down the top apps to just three. So, we’ve expanded our list to six, and maybe it’ll continue to grow. For now, here are our additional favorites in the Shopify Free App Store:

Yotpo- Yotpo makes the process of posting customer reviews easy for both you and your buyer. Voted as one of the top free apps on Shopify, Yotpo generates an email to be sent to shoppers after a set amount of time has passed (you dictate how much time until the email is sent). Customers can leave a review in their email, which then automatically populates on your Shopify site. It’s hands-off for you, and simple to do for them. Yotpo users receive reviews on 6-10% of their orders. Install takes only 5 minutes.


KudobuzzKudobuzz in a review generating app for an online shop as well. Where it differs from others like Yotpo is it’s ability to generate reviews that you’ve accumulated via social media sites. Kudobuzz imports reviews from your social channels, and filters them based on which they suggest to post. You can select which reviews you’d like to have in your widget basket for display, and can even import handwritten reviews and notes to publish through the app.


Coypwriter– Ok, so Copywriter isn’t technically free – but at just .10 cents a word, it’s not going to break the bank. This is perfect for sellers who don’t want to spend time writing store or product descriptions, or who really just don’t enjoy the process of writing. With Copywriter, you have access to thousands of professional writers, translators and proofreaders, all available to create content for your press releases, product pages, booklets and more. Copywriter supports 9 languages in total.

2014-07-31_1429_001We hope you find these as useful and effective as we do. For more Shopify apps to integrate, read our last post on their best free tools or head on over to their App Store to see what’s available. Do you have any favorites? If you’re ready to get set up with our Shopify inventory software, sign up today and we will take you through the integration process.

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