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As part of our Free Tool series, we search the web for the best (and easiest to use) tools for ecommerce sellers, in an effort to help them improve any and all aspects of their ecommerce life.

Recently, we covered the best tools for editing your product and website photos. Today we share the best places to find thousands of free icons for ecommerce, all available for an easy download.

Use these to create links to other pages within your site, your marketplaces, social pages and more. Pick colors that create a call-to-action effect, and get your customers clickin’.


Social Media Icons

Here you’ll find over 40 sets of social media icons. Link to your Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and much more. Icons linking to other social sites will help you create brand awareness and greater audience reach. Additionally, this allows your customers multiple outlets with which to engage with your company.

free icons for ecommerce


Flat Icons

These practical icons are “flat” (meaning no 3D rendering and monochromatic). There are a variety of icons for linking to everyday business functions (“click here”, email, calendar, etc.). Mixed within the professional use icons are more creative options, such as a set of Star Wars flat graphics. Use these to create links to other pages within your site for a professional, web-based storefront.

ecommerce free icons


Everything Else

This site has icons for just about every other thing you could think of. Cupcakes? Yes. Paper cranes? Yes. A cat staring longingly at a fish tank? Believe it or not, yes. These could make fun, clickable links to related products, bio info about your store, or any other personal pages.

ecommerce icons

With thousands of readily available icons, you’ll be sure to find something that matches the aesthetic of your site. Whether you choose practical, professional icons or a more creative and unique set, your site will benefit from the pulled-together, dynamic look these graphics provide.

For more ideas on design, revisit our post on color psychology to help you decide what color themes will help you achieve your ecommerce goals. Have you come across any great free tools you’ve used to improve your own ecommerce life? Please share your favorites in the comments!

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