best iphone apps for ecommerce businesses

As a business owner, you are keenly aware of how vital proper time management is in order to keep your ship running smoothly. You’ve probably worn out notepads chalk full of list, memo’s, and scribbled in every corner of your calendar, and can recite your full week’s schedule from memory. Proud as we are, there are some things we just can’t handle all on our own. Or- without the help of an app. No shame.

Technology is growing rapidly, and there are a multitude of new apps and gadget to make running a business simpler. We’ve combed through the latest tech and put together a list of our top 3 favorite apps for business owners and online sellers.


Tiny Scan

A PDF scanner app that can scan documents, photos, receipts and more. Tiny Scan connects with wifi directly to your computer, and can email, airprint, fax, or upload your items to Dropbox, Evernot, Google Drive or Box. Use it with iPhone or iPad, and scan all of your important information quickly, and without having to use a bulky scanner.


Sum Up

If you sell products at trade shows, or anywhere else where a register isn’t an option, Sum Up allows customers to pay via phone. I know what you’re thinking- you’ve already seen apps like this- but Sum Up is different. It doesn’t require an expensive card reader piece. Instead, customers receive a text with the price of the product they want to purchase, and respond with their credit card information, which is absorbed into the app and completes the transaction. Crazy, huh? If you prefer the physical card reader application, Square App is great.



If you travel to curate items for your store or network at trade shows, then you need TripIt. TripIt can recognize reservations from thousands of booking sites, even fun ones like cruises, concerts and restaurants. Email trip itinerary through the app, or share plans through Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. It’ll keep you organized when you’re on the go, so you won’t miss a beat.

Are there any other apps you can’t live without? Leave us a note in the comments, and we can do a follow up post with your suggestions. After all, if an app has been helpful for you, it’ll surely be helpful for other online sellers as well.

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