There are more places to sell online than ever before. Online shoppers spend nearly one and a half trillion dollars a year worldwide and the market has responded by providing businesses a vast array of platforms to reach customers. What online marketplace is best for your business? What’s the best place to sell online?

But let’s take a new approach to this question. It starts with what you’re selling. There’s no one perfect marketplace. Different functionalities and audiences work better for different products. What’s the best marketplace to sell used items, or items that are handmade, or electronics, or antiques? We realized those are the questions businesses should be asking.

And then we asked them for you. It took us more coffee fueled all-nighters than we’ve had since college, but we’ve gone deep to research the best marketplaces third party sellers can list based on their products. Also included is a side by side comparison of seller fees and marketplace commission per sale. Creating resources for our customers is one of our team’s favorite thing to do, and we’re confident this new resource is going to save you time and maximize your profits.

Scroll all the way down for the entire infographic, but here are three action steps you can implement today with this data.

Take Advantage of eBay and Amazon’s Market Share

Amazon and eBay are often considered the best place to sell online. Amazon and eBay combine for over 468 million active customers. That’s more users than the current population of the United States. Even considering crossover, you can’t afford to miss out on a whole country’s worth of buyers. That popularity doesn’t come without a few concessions. Amazon doesn’t generally offer a lot of seller freedom. They’re very strict about what you can sell and how you can price. Their audience size means you have to sell there. It’s a bitter pill you’ll have to swallow.

eBay is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down. eBay is sometimes perceived as being a dinosaur of the web. However, as Amazon continues to become the big dog in town, making everything else in its path an alternative, eBay’s 110 million buyers makes it the biggest alternative of them all. Since eBay allows a lot more freedom in pricing and policies than Amazon, operating an eBay store for items that can’t get through Amazon’s red tape is a smart game plan to employ.

Expand to Sears, Jet, and Rakuten

A UPC can be thought of as almost like the driver’s license of ecommerce. They let you go a lot of places you weren’t able to before. Many sellers remain unaware of how many places accept third party sellers. Sears, Jet, and Rakuten are three marketplaces ripe and ready for your expansion. One of these can be the best place to sell online for you.

In just a year since launching, Jet is well on its way to making $1 billion in 2016. Rakuten has been touted as the Amazon of Japan. And Sears has unmatched name value and a fresh zeal for ecommerce that’ll continue to carve out an online space for the retail giant as its focus shifts from brick and mortars. All three sites are designed for third party sellers with UPCs.

Learn more about using our software solution to expand your business to Sears, Jet, and Rakuten by clicking on the links provided.

Go Multichannel to Maximize Sales

Unless you’re selling a firearm, each product fits well in multiple marketplaces. The question of the best place to sell online is not a one-word answer. Maximize your sales by selling your product on every channel appropriate.

You should also be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. Expanding to and managing multiple channels can be difficult to handle on your own. An inventory solution like ours here at ecomdash can help make the process easier by syncing and transferring data across channels, acting as a hub of operations for your ecommerce business.

Going about multichannel selling without an inventory manager is like driving without a dashboard, and if we’re that dashboard, we’re hoping this flowchart can be your roadmap to find the best place to sell online. Check it out below.

best places to sell online

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