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Private label products have always been a great boon to online retailers. There is a wide variety of them available, you don’t have to worry about manufacturing, and you still get all the same branding benefits as you would if you made them yourself. The big question is simply which private label products to sell.

Like all ecommerce, private label products have their own ups and downs. Each year the best sellers change as shopping trends come and go. With that in mind, we researched the most recent trends and took a look at what’s up-and-coming, ultimately leading to our list below of the 9 best private label products to sell online in 2022.


1. Athletic Wear

Athletic wear has been a popular ecommerce trend lately, and we even listed it as one of our top ecommerce niches for 2022. This category encompasses any apparel designed for sports or exercise: gym clothes, sports bras, yoga pants, and what’s known as “athleisure,” which are athletic clothes you can wear when lounging around.

Using athletic wear as a private label product, you can customize the colors, prints, and even designs to tailor the look to your target customers. That makes them a pretty versatile choice for apparel sellers.


2. Coffee Mugs

Coffee and coffee mugs have been trending throughout 2021, and they’re looking to “spillover” into 2022. While the actual coffee might be hard to come by as a private label product, coffee mugs have long been a staple for both private and white labels.

Mugs make an ideal private label product because they’re cheap to acquire, easy to find, and most importantly can be customized in any number of ways. Depending on the design, mugs can fit virtually any niche, as long as you print something your shoppers can’t find elsewhere.


3. Sleep Gummies

We’ve been talking about the popularity of CBD products for the last year or so — they even appeared on our recommendations for best-selling private label products last year. And while CBD products are still popular today (especially CBD oil), the newest trend seems to be CBD sleeping aids in the form of gummy candy.

Sleep gummies have their own diversity, with different flavors, strength levels, and secondary health benefits like immunity-boosting properties. They even come in varieties for kids. As always, research the best methods for product sourcing private label products to make sure you choose the best of all available options.


4. Rain Ponchos

One new entry on our list this year is rain ponchos, a mix between fashion and utility items. It seems more people are turning to ponchos to protect themselves from the weather instead of more traditional umbrellas.

Rain ponchos are a great private label product because they’re relatively cheap and can be customized with any number of colors and designs. On top of that, they’re easy to store and ship and make a great low-cost item that can be added last-minute to other orders.


5. Pet Accessories

You can’t go wrong with pet products in ecommerce. The pet owner niche is a popular market for online retailers, and private label sellers can just as easily get in on the action.

The problem with selling private label pet products is the competition. One of our 7 biggest private label mistakes is not differentiating your products from the market leaders, so be sure to investigate what other sellers are offering before choosing which pet products to sell yourself.

On the bright side, there’s a wide variety. You can sell private label pet treats, pet toys, pet beds, pet accessories like bowls and collars, etc., all customized for your target shoppers.


6. Cosmetics

Cosmetics are somewhat of an evergreen ecommerce product, but in 2022 they seem to be on the rise thanks to the general increase in online shopping. That’s great news for private-label retailers because cosmetics fit the model well.

For starters, white-label cosmetics are usually inexpensive but can be sold at a scalable markup depending on how you market them. Moreover, cosmetics are highly brandable, meaning you can easily make them your own no matter the manufacturer. Combine a low-cost private label cosmetic with a high-profile brand, and you can make a healthy profit with an ambitious markup.


7. Reusable Bags

Totes and other reusable bags continue to be a popular private-label product in 2022. Bags like this have always been a staple for private label manufacturers since they’re easy to customize and demand keeps growing higher and higher.

Reusable bags are great for brand awareness. Your customers will see your logo every time they run errands, and so will the people they pass. There’s also a lot of room for creativity, too, with bags presenting a blank canvas for original artistic ideas.


8. Reusable Water Bottles

Just like reusable bags, reusable water bottles are an ongoing trend that keeps getting bigger as more people convert to environmentally-friendly lifestyles. On top of that, reusable bottles are a great way to save money instead of buying disposable plastic bottles all the time – a great selling point.

Shopify recommends stainless steel water bottles based on their own research, but there are other options as well. Regardless of what kind of bottle you sell, be sure to put a memorable print on it to take advantage of the branding benefits.


9. Eyewear

Eyewear, including both eyeglass frames and sunglasses, has been seeing more popularity than usual. As with cosmetics, that’s great news for private label sellers because you can scale your markup depending on how well-known your brand is.

While sunglasses always see a spike during the summer, eyeglass frames have steadier demand throughout the year. High-profile brands can sell them as luxury goods, whereas lesser-known brands can take advantage of common eyeglass wearer pain points, such as the frustration of always having to replace poorly-made frames.


Make Private Label Products Your Own

Selling private label products is a great choice for ecommerce if branding and marketing are your strengths. The private label model removes most manufacturing hassles from the equation, allowing you to focus strictly on selling. Just be sure to pick the right products — not just the trending best-sellers like the ones above, but also products you know your target shoppers will love!


Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published January 2021 and was updated in January 2022 to reflect more accurate and relevant information.


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