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Spring is finally here, and just as the seasons change, so should your marketing strategies…at least marginally.

You’ve got to try something new here and there, right? Consumers are ready to shake off the winter blues, and your marketing content should reflect the excitement and buzz of the coming warmth. With these suggestions, you can heat up your marketing strategies to grab your audience’s attention and bump up spring sales.


Shake Up Your Social Media

These months are a time for ‘spring cleaning’ for good reason. Freshen up your social media channels with new cover photos and color themes. Dust off the muted colors of winter months and get your followers hyped for spring with bright, seasonal palates that feature your store name, brand or new items for sale. Try online design tools like Canva to create new images for each social channel.


Write Timely Blog Content

When you think of spring, what comes to mind – fresh flowers, new life after winter, gardening, Easter, sunny days, etc.? Can your line of products apply to these in any fashion? Write a blog post incorporating your items within the bright new season.

  • If you sell garden tools or any type of household appliance, this is easy. Discuss gardening tips, how to compost, easy household DIY projects, etc.
  • If you sell craft supplies, consider what ways your products could be used to decorate dyed eggs or create a festive spring scene for a mantelpiece. Could your items double as party favors at a spring garden party?
  • Maybe you sell kitchen supplies, and you have a killer recipe for Easter treats? Share what you know!
  • If you sell fashion and accessories, discuss the latest trends to watch, or how to pull off a high-end spring look with your items.


Consider a Spring Fever Sale

If you have some old inventory you want to flush out, think about knocking down the price considerably to help move it. If you want to offer a taste of new products and help create some interest around upcoming inventory, try a flash sale on new items.


Try Giveaways

Giveaways are easy, and can offer good publicity, for free. Pick a product or bundle of items you’re willing to give away, and create a hashtag to help promote the contest. Make entry easy for followers – maybe you ask them to post a picture of their favorite spring tradition or destination with the hashtag. Popular swimwear and fitness blog A Bikini A Day does giveaways frequently, and always uses the same hashtag to identify entries, making the giveaway easy to brand and share amongst networks. Ben and Jerry’s took a stab at an instagram photo contest not too long ago, and was able to grow their Instagram following by 22%. The more people post, share and follow – the wider your pool is to nail conversions and sales. Check out apps like Woobox to help you run photo contests.

Spring Marketing Ideas - Try a Giveaway


Celebrate Good Weather With Shoppers

If you have a brick-and-mortar store, try out a couple “good weather” promos. When it’s beautiful outside, invite shoppers to your store to enjoy 10-15% off (or whatever you feel comfortable with). This isn’t just a good marketing strategy – it’s a great way to establish excellent customer appreciation, which is shown to create loyal buyers. If you still need an omnichannel software to connect your inventory in your retail store with your sales channels, read our post on finding the perfect inventory management software.


Play Ball With Sports Inspired Sales

Have your own version of ‘March Madness’ any time this season. Pick a few hot or bestselling items you are willing to offer at a sizable discount, and create brackets on your social media channels where buyers get to vote which product they’d rather see on sale. ‘Likes’ on the image can count as votes, and each week, narrow the items down until you’re left with two items going head to head for the final round. By letting your audience pick which item they want to see for sale, you’re pretty much guaranteeing great sales when the offer goes live, because you are giving them precisely what they want. Maybe the sale lasts for a couple hours, one day, or more – that’s up to you.

With these tips in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to capitalizing on the change in seasons and bumping up your audience, as well as sales.

Do you have any seasonal marketing tips you swear by? Let us know! For marketing ideas that resonate during any season, check out our three part series on the benefits of emotional marketing and sign up for our blog.


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