Bittersweet Goodbye To An Ecomdash Team Member


This July we say goodbye to Tyler, our Product Support team member, as he ventures to an exciting new opportunity. Tyler has been with ecomdash since the near beginning, and has provided invaluable help and support, as well as a good amount of laughs.

To send him off, we wanted to share a couple of fun memories with him. Here’s what the ecomdash team has to say about Tyler, our quick-witted and wicked funny friend.

Tiana: Tyler likes to quack. That’s not a euphemism for anything. He legitimately quacks like a duck to express emotion. Happy, sad, confused, hungry- quack. It’s not uncommon to hear a quiet quack coming from his desk in the middle of the day. I don’t get it, but I think it’s hysterical. I love that he’s also always freezing in the office and it’s not just me. He is a Midwest native who prefers the heat. Tyler wants to live in Florida one day where the air is assuredly past 90 degrees 364 days out of 365. I hope he gets there one day, and I hope we all get to take a vacation to visit.

Meredith: I will remember and greatly miss Tyler’s quick wit! He always had a hysterical comment or snarky comeback to any conversation that may or may not have involved him. I will also miss the cracking of his Dr. Pepper cans…..and his quacking.

Laura: I love Tyler’s enthusiasm and approach to learning new things. It takes a certain level of maturity to be authentically humble enough to ask “simple” questions. Those questions sometimes spring great inspiration for innovation within a team like ours.

Tristan: My first day here I heard this strange noise that came from Tyler’s desk. Then I noticed the ducks on his desk, and that’s when I found out that Tyler quacks in place of sighing, getting excited, or even just sneezing…okay maybe not that last one.

T.J. I always enjoyed Tyler’s enthusiasm and general interest to understand the business aspects of our business.

Nick: He told me he was a die-hard Packer fan, and then told me he’s going to get married at Lambeau Field – then I really knew he was a die-hard Packer fan.  Tyler’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. He’ll be missed.

Ammar: Tyler says goodbye to everyone when he is leaving the office. He makes eye contact with everyone and lets them know that he is heading home, and wishes them a great rest of day or weekend.  A small memory, but it shows how he cares about the people around him. Quack forever my friend.

Bye Tyler! We will miss you, and know that you will be an essential team member at your next position. But you better come back and visit, or we will all have to come to your new office to solicit you for attention.


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Tiana ByersBittersweet Goodbye To An Ecomdash Team Member

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