Black Friday Concept

I’ve got a question for you- is your site ready for Black Friday? Better yet, is your mobile site ready for the influx of shoppers that will be hunting for a bargain that day? Yes, the air is still thick with heat and we’re barely into August- but it’s not too early to prepare for the holidays. In fact, now is the optimal time to do it. If you prepare now, your site will be ready for the traffic that will come in the dawn after Thanksgiving. In Thanksgiving of 2013, US retailers left almost $16 billion of mobile commerce behind- likely waiting in the shopping cart graveyard, where potential sales go to die. Why did this happen? Because sites weren’t optimized to handle mobile shoppers.

You can’t really blame the sellers who weren’t ready. Yes, mobile has been trending upward, but it’s hard to have anticipated that mobile traffic would account for 39% of all online traffic during Black Friday. Ecommerce companies are reporting 30-45% of their total traffic coming from mobile devices, and that number won’t slow down. If you could buy something with a few swipes of your thumb and forefinger, why would you risk the chaos and near anarchy of shopping on Black Friday in a physical storefront? Your customers are playing it safe- and expecting mobile sites to be smart enough to keep up.

So how do you optimize your mobile site? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What do they want to see?

  • Use analytics to see what links they click most. If they click “Sizing Chart” often, make that link easy to find and a simple button to push.
  • Optimize any forms on your site. Typing on mobile is far more cumbersome than on a desktop -minimize the number of typing tasks. In the checkout process, create dropdown boxes for choosing state (and possibly city) of the shipping address to eliminate unnecessary typing.
  • Test everything. Are your CTAs (calls-to-action) clear to distinguish? Does checkout flow properly? Are images properly sized? Find any flaws in the site now, and fix them before the rush of traffic come November 28th.

According to Goldman Sachs, mobile sales are estimated to reach $204 billion in 2014. In 2018, they’re projected to surpass $626 billion. Do not miss out on the opportunity to capitalize on this, and claim some of those sales for yourself. Get your site ready now, and you won’t get left out in the dust.

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