Are there any good alternatives to Brightpearl?

Brightpearl vs. Ecomdash

Brightpearl is an inventory and order system with accounting and supplier management features built in. While Brightpearl does offer helpful functions like a CRM module and kitting and bundling for their entry tier sellers, Brightpearl users have to pay an additional $100 to $250 for various ecommerce integration connectors. They also charge an additional $50 for a POS integration. In addition to these charges, a seller should expect $4000 to $7000 in onboarding fees for the first year.

So, how do we compare to Brightpearl?

There is no listing management feature. Ecomdash offers product listing management to all customers regardless of price tier, and for most of the integrated sales channels. Though it is marketed as a small business ecommerce software, Brightpearl is expensive and priced more appropriately for mid-market businesses (low tier is $395/mo). One ecomdash customer used to spend roughly $800/mo with Brightpearl. Since switching to ecomdash, they receive more robust and reliable inventory features and pay just $250/mo. Product listing management is not available at any tier, and setup and support are not free. Setup and phone, chat and email support are available for all ecomdash users.

Ecomdash is a great alternative to Brightpearl because we offer more integrations and product SKUs at the entry level tier than they do. In fact, all of our ecommerce integrations, features and functions are included for all users, regardless of what they pay.

Alternatives to Brightpearl

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