Tips for guest post blogging

It can be exhausting running an online store. Add to that the time you spend marketing and trying to get your name and products “out there,” and you probably feel ready for a nap. Though marketing may feel like burdensome work at times, it is absolutely essential to maintaining the success of your web store. If people don’t know about your product, how can they buy it?

One tactic we recommend is writing articles for other company’s websites or blogs. Look for someone who has a large following and is seen as an influencer in their space. Their audience should match your target market exactly or at the least, very closely. Bloggers and industry experts are always looking for new information to share with their audience. Just keep in mind, they want to share valuable information that their listeners care about – so make it highly specific to the exact mission of the blogger.

It’s an important way to build awareness about your products and an online presence through relationships with the VIPs your buyers respect and the peripheral products and services that share your target market. Here are 3 reasons why we think guest blogging is a great opportunity for online sellers.

Get Recognition-

Unless you handcraft your own products, there are other sellers out there who sell the same products as you. They may use the same supplier or dropshipping service, have the same niche market – or, if you do handcraft your products for a site like Etsy, you can guarantee there is another seller doing something similar. By guest blogging for a company or site where your market is present, you can introduce yourself to a new audience of potential buyers. Use it as a virtual handshake or friendly greeting in the form of an understated referral – this is an opportunity to get in front of a larger targeted market in a potentially more personal way.

Brand Exposure-

Guest blogging (or even guest pinning, guest posting, etc) for a company is an excellent opportunity to get your product out in the open. Integration partner Shopify will often have their customers guest pin for specific community boards on Pinterest, which allows them to demonstrate their items, taste and expertise to a broader audience. With ecommerce growing and more sellers joining daily, it can be difficult to make your product – which is very likely sold by other sellers – stand out from the rest. If an audience sees an item they like sold by you before they see it from a competitor, you have a better shot at closing that deal.

Build Site Credibility-

This can be huge for your website. Create hypertext links in your articles to send readers back to your webstore, or wherever they can buy from you. If you are guest pinning or posting for a site that is photo sharing, you can still build links back to your own pages. If you have the opportunity to guest pin, make sure you pin directly from your site, webstore or marketplaces to populate on the Pinterest board. If you are sharing through another photo streaming site, you can tag your brand in a post (like you might on Facebook) or include a specific link (URL) back to your page. Your articles and social media posts will get shoppers interested. Links will guide them to where you want them to go.

Ready to guest blog? Reach out to bloggers, websites, and companies who post content that is relevant to your market. Make sure it makes sense for both parties. Yes, you have a lot to gain – but don’t approach a company and offer to guest blog unless it will be mutually beneficial. Maybe you offer a discount to their subscribers exclusively, thus encouraging casual readers to get more involved? Pitch something that makes sense for the both of you.

Don’t be shy. Get out, speak up, and make sure your products are seen across a broader, bigger audience.

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