School Shopping Online Back to school is fast becoming a ‘mini-holiday’ and online sellers are cashing in. According to the National Retail Federation, back to school is the second busiest shopping season of the year.  Many of those shoppers are buying school supplies online. This year, back to school online sales are expected to increase 16% to $50 billion dollars.

Don’t sell pencils, notebooks or backpacks?

That doesn’t mean you can’t get a piece of the back-to-school action. A Google survey shows 75% of back to school shoppers will purchase clothing or apparel, 44% will buy books or magazines and 41% will shop for electronics.

Get Creative with Marketing 

If you don’t sell traditional back to school products, get creative with your descriptions. Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination.

CD’s or Movies – “Get the school year started right! Check out our selection of motivational movies and music titles that will inspire your child to reach for the stars.”

Beads – “Pack a special gift in your child’s backpack for their first day. Choose from our large selection of beads to create a fun, school-themed bracelet or key chain.”

Watches – “Make sure your child isn’t late for class this year! We have an affordable selection of watches that will help the school year get started off right.”

Ink Cartridges – “Stock up now and get ready to print A+ papers and projects”

What triggers a back to school purchase?

Sales and special offers are the top factors influencing online purchases, followed by teacher recommendations.

From School…to Christmas

Use the back to school shopping season to lay the foundation for the holidays. If you offer a great product and service, chances are you’ll get a following of repeat shoppers who will return for the holidays.

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