ChannelAdvisor vs. Ecomdash

ChannelAdvisor is the oldest (and arguably most well-known) multichannel ecommerce order and listing service available. It offers advanced digital and search marketing services. While the software is comprehensive, it can be a pricier option for the smaller multichannel business owner. Their customer base seems to be mostly medium to large and enterprise companies.

Looking For An Alternative To ChannelAdvisor?

Due to the proprietary nature of ChannelAdvisor’s pricing information, ecomdash is not able to publish a comparison chart with side-by-side pricing. However, we did compare their functionality to ours below.

Administration Overview

One report found that the average ChannelAdvisor customer spends approximately $40,000 a year. A few people commented on the cost of ChannelAdvisor on Quora, as well. They mentioned a mandatory commission on each sell in addition to an annual fee of $12k paid upfront. ChannelAdvisor offers more than 90 integrations and unlimited sales orders for online retailers; however, some users have reported being charged up to a $1k implementation fee for each new sales channel. The exact pricing for their software cannot be known, as it is proprietary information and not listed on their website.

Differences in Inventory Systems

ChannelAdvisor seems to offer many of the same features including bundles, product variations, SKU mapping, and more. They help sellers sync inventory across different marketplaces, reduces the chances of overselling, and priorities for warehouses. Ecomdash is a great affordable alternative to ChannelAdvisor as we offer all the same features for a fraction of the cost.

Shipping & Fulfillment

ChannelAdvisor offers many of the fulfillment needs within their system, but mentions the need of integrating with one of their partners. It isn’t exactly clear if this includes an additional cost. Similar to ecomdash, they offer dropshipping and third-party fulfillment management, along with automation rules for faster and smarter shipping decisions.

Restocking Features

They mention the ability to forecast your restocking needs and manage purchase orders, but we could only find this information on their first-party seller section. If you are a 3rd party seller, you may or may not have access to this functionality.

Manage Product Listings

ChannelAdvisor offers a product content optimization tool that sounds similar to a listing tool. They mention mapping categories, access to a few of the top marketplaces, and the improvement of your content. While, ecomdash doesn’t adjust your content, we are able to list to more than 15 integrated sales channels, offer listing presets, and custom HTML templates. We include these features and more in your monthly subscription price. There are no other fees.

Reporting and Extra Features

There seems to be a lot of great reports for ChannelAdvisor sellers. They mention access to a profitability report, competitive landscape, demand forecasting, product intelligence. They also offer a repricer and various marketing services. With ecomdash offering over 40+ sales reports, you can easily access just about any details needed for making data driven decisions. We also integrate with, a great repricing tool for online retailers.

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